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Two Men Arrested and Charged With Murder for Killing of Ahmaud Arbery After Video Sparked Nationwide Demands for Justice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/08/two-men-arrested-and-charged-murder-killing-ahmaud-arbery-after-video-sparked


Good. I hope they get life imprisonment.


Another lynching of a Black Man in the Deep South, in broad daylight.
The video and its release to the public, together, are a marvelous tool for justice.


An aspect of the story which may always stay somewhat obscured: Just how did this “footage surface” – as reports vaguely recount? A truck following the assailant’s truck, it looks like, but nothing about who’s back there. That camera-person has good reason to stay anonymous while opening the curtain on 21st century lynching in Georgia, USA.

This is a terrible resonance of anti-human degradation USA was built upon. Everyone knows black folks built the White House. Exponentially worse horrors unfold this day in Georgia, where thousands of caged brothers and sisters face imminent COVID-19 death sentences – maybe for being caught with a joint.

There is a fundamental flaw in the models that Trump administration officials have used to project the curve of the coronavirus outbreak as it rips across the United States. Those models were based on other countries’ experiences with the virus — from China to Italy — and do not account for a uniquely American risk factor: mass incarceration.

Mass Incarceration Poses a Uniquely American Risk in the Coronavirus Pandemic
by Alice Speri


Murder by racist killers in broad daylight of an innocent citizen - jogging while black - the murderers protected by the “justice system” and cop-silence - you can be damn sure that good-old-boy network and so-called prosecutor (cops in suits) would have never brought charges against the ex-cop or be forced to tell the truth if the murder-video had not surfaced - that prosecutor and all involved should also be charged!
The number of cases of cop-murders (and public) or “mistaken” identity, or “thought they had a gun”, or just ordinary violent scum, that were not taped will never be known but known examples are a monstrous indictment of the racist, vicious police culture of violence, conspiracy lies and official cover-ups!


I appreciate that abolitionist has been revived today, meaning those of us who would stop the slave-patrols.


We can only hope, but remember, its Georgia. They may get a medal of honor.


There is something on Shaun King’s twitter page about someone called bryan williams; a neighbour of the arrested men. See the link in the article.


Unbelievable until seen with my own eyes. Looks to me like the trio saw the runner and for whatever reason (?citizen’s arrest, running while black?) decided to “git 'em”. The father and son drove ahead and stopped while the neighbor took the rear position to trap the runner and video the operation for evidence. Arbery saw his path on the road was blocked by the truck and a man, left the road not to flee only to get around the blockade and continue his run, was captured by the man, tried to pull free and run, and after three shots took a bullet and fell.

It’s just another racial incident in Georgia, the day they shot an innocent man, no Georgia cops are gonna arrest them, until someone comes forward with a video in their hand.

Even so, it will be a difficult public and emotionally draining process for Arbery’s family and friends to get the justice they so obviously deserve.

The stain of America’s “original sin” remains in the mind and on the heart of too many people.

We need to help each other to understand and heal the festering plague of racism.


In the transcripts when these murderers called 9/11 the dispatcher kept asking the ex cop who informed 9/11 they were chasing Arbery down “what did he do that was wrong” and the ex cop has no answer but “He was jogging through our neighborhood and has done it before”.

The initial prosecutors claimed “In Georgia people have a right to make a citizens arrest”. A Citizens arrest for what? you can not walk around with a gun randomly claiming someone under arrest. That would be a field day for rapists hunting down female joggers.

They then claimed “self defense and standing your ground” as rationale (And this is how the murderer of Trevor Martin got off).

So apparently if someone has a gun, is in a truck and chasing you down, and approaches you with that gun you have no right to stand your OWN ground and no right to try and defend yourself? Oh wait the person murdered was black. They do not have any rights when facing someone that is white. That’s the Georgia judicial system in a nutshell.


SuperMax with out parole, ever.


Make it quick like they did.

Have a trial, then assemble the firing squad.

“Arright, boys, time to get down to work. Now we gotta make this sham trial and acquittal look convincin;”


They will most likely go free, just like Zimmerman did. There is no justice.


We still have Texans murdering black men and dragging them around from pick-up trucks. We still have our Mississippi burnings, and church burnings.
We try to teach our children to not be bigots, but not all parents are equipped with the reasoning chip installed. It’s not that hard. We can be brain surgeons. That might stop the hate crimes where other methods fail.

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Not a believer in the death penalty, but these two guys make me want to believe that sometimes there are exceptions.

While this is demonstrably true, Obama certainly did nothing to alter the perpetually racist state of the U. S. government, and indeed, just carried out his own sickening brand of racism and violence on indigenous people and citizens of other countries. Now Democrats are intent on running yet another racist against the racist-in-chief. Not much more to say about how disgusting and vile this putrid nation really is.


I would add that by degrees, Georgia “justice” is a reflection of the “justice” system (a construct intended to perpetuate inequality and injustice) throughout this country and has been since long before its conception. The national “god” of capitalism is racist to its core, backed by the thuggery and corruption of “justice” and “law” enforcement, aka militarism and imperialism, all in service to perpetuating a state of massive inequality, servitude, and blind obeisance to corporatists and promted by their cheerleaders in media. This nation routinely practices and celebrates disregard and “exceptionalism” towards international law and its own laws, routinely murders people with impunity, promotes and decimates lives and homes and cultures and the land for profit, and each moment throughout its history has made an absolute mockery of “justice.” This nation is run by violent racists, thugs, and murderers (sure, few get their hands “dirty,” but virtually all are criminally complicit collaborators) and now encourages everyone to act out their subhuman (sub-life, really) fantasies of control, mayhem, and brutality. Hell, the most “progressive” charlatans in Congress support U. S. arms sales, militarism, economic sanctions, unilateral attacks on sovereign nations – all arguably tantamount to the commission of war crimes. I’m telling you, until we make a deliberate decision to excise those who think and act to harm others, politically, physically, militarily, socially, culturally – including every last war criminal and murderer in government – this nation will continue to rot and fester. We could start with war crimes tribunals for every single living president and everyone who served in their administrations.


White supremacist Trump-supporters hold assault weapons in ready-to-shoot positions at public rallies and enter public buildings to intimidate elected officials, without getting arrested and in fact earning presidential praise, while innocent unarmed black men continue to be murdered by racists who continue to get away with it. Aside from all the other evils of the world, how does this alone not cause hatred to fill our hearts? Does anyone know how widespread white supremacy is in the US? Has it gotten any better in the past half-century? Are the majority of us Americans decent-minded people, albeit far too ignorant and apathetic? Or would the world be better off if the pandemic wiped us all out? :cry: Sometimes I don’t know how people avoid despair.

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The criminal actions by the DA’s office and more than one representative of “law-enforcement” and the blue wall of silence corruption and racism are being slowly revealed.

The murder of Ahmaud Arbery by father and son racist killers - by their own admission: “grabbing two guns and chasing the victim down” - can, and should, be seen as pre-meditated murder. That crime is only exceeded by the cover-up by officials who are depended-on to represent the law, not crony’s or ex-cop friends, that is official corruption and complicity to the original crime!!

The conspiracy by all officials who covered-up the murder and failed their sworn responsibility in the most heinous way must result in immediate discharge and indictment and strong prosecution!

"If there is no justice for all, there is no justice for any"!