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Two Months After Nation's Deadliest Mass Shooting, GOP House Passes 'Dangerous' Bill to Undermine Local Gun Control Laws

Guns are permitted at the federal level. States nonetheless, have the freedom to put limits on them.

That’s established precedent.

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Skeptic Tank has a point, pointing out one point, but the main point I was making is that the right wing loves loves loves states’ rights–as long as the rights are to the right of the federal government. Especially anything that was done by any former, just-coincidentally-non-White White House residents, even if they were least corporate center-right and intensified almost all of Bush the Lesser’s corporate, military, and other policies. To the new right, Obama has cooties and the nation he touched must now be cleansed with racism and punishment. Any time a state wants to move to the left of the feds, that’s anathema to the right.

If they simply oppose those things, that’s one thing, but they oppose what they oppose for other reasons, in the name of states’ rights and ignore states’ rights whenever they want. It’s a despicable sham, and so blatantly transparent they can only be doing it because they think they’re powerful enough to get away with it, given their ability to convince their constituents of anything through Faux News and Dumbart.

The new right doesn’t recognize traditional or legal distinctions between federal and state jurisdictions. Like any other addict, it only recognizes the compulsion to feed its addiction. In the case of the right, it’s an addiction to control and destruction bred by fear and resulting rage and hatred. It only feels the need to move right, forever, and whatever level of government or other excuse accomplishes that is what it will claim to believe in.

Laws against structural racism, laws protecting workers, species and ecosystems (even ones crucial to our well-being and survival) and so on are unacceptable. Helping people in need and preventing extraction, aka conversion of nature to money math, are anathema.

As to the section you left out, it’s a manifestation of the addiction, too. Any mention of the ”well-regulated militia” part of the 2nd amendment, which completely negates the right’s idea and purpose behind gun rights, drives them crazy.

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I will get attacked by many here for saying this, but it’s 2018 and I must say it: Democrats would not be passing this kind of legislation, and you know it!