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Two Months In, Trump Breaking Every Vow to 'Drain the Swamp': Report


Two Months In, Trump Breaking Every Vow to 'Drain the Swamp': Report

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Surprising no one, a new report out Wednesday finds that President Donald Trump has broken his campaign promise to "drain the swamp" at every turn, and has instead turned the government over to corporate interests and enriched his bottom line.


Isn't Trump's behavior a perfect example of what psychologists call 'projection' – accusing others of the very faults most deeply embedded in our own personalities, and then taking action to fulfill our darkest desires?


In Trumpean language a 'promise' is defined as a lie.

"It's not clear whether vetting is actually happening.": sounds pretty clear to me that it is not.


The Friends of Trump @ Common Dreams sure has shrunk lately. Are they a small enough group to get in a bathtub with Grover Norquist so we can drown them all at once, while conserving scarce water resources?
For the good of the entire country, let's hope so.
R U sad sacks of bat guano familiar with the words bamboozler, hoodwinker, grifter, hornswoggler, swindler, flim-flam man, huckster, etc.? Well, please get familiar with them and another set of words, as well. Words like sucker, idiot, mark and the " the oakey doke " should be written on your bathroom mirror, fool. Wear it, you own it in spades. However, amateur hour is now over.
P.S. Thanks for throwing about 100-130 million innocent, poor, very young, elderly and disabled Americans under a very large ACME Corporation bus. Feel better now?



Now Trump's folks are wrangling over essential benefits so people can be forced to buy policies that the CBO said it wouldn't describe as an "insurance product." Yay I guess.


Two Months In, Trump Breaking Every Vow

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I am hoping the out-of-control resource extraction will get alittle too close to DC and hit an underground salt dome, like in Bayou Corn, Louisiana. Let the swamp be drained by the intended consequences of the so-called administration's own hubris. I bet there will be a lot of hungry and pissed-off gators to deal with!


I can hear the entire Republican party whine all the way up here on the Canadian boarder. Favorite refrain: "They won't let us screw them into the ground sniff sniff."


People generally get what they deserve. I may just live long enough to tell alot of people "I told you so" (but probably won't, because the time spent would'nt translate into any meaningful discourse).