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Two Nadirs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/02/two-nadirs

Like it or not, and I know that the great majority of CD participants find it repugnant, we find ourselves in an age greatly influenced by fundamentalists and/or dominionists, depending upon how one wants to label them. One tenant of their code is that “the ends justify the means”, much like they did during the Spanish Inquisition. Such was the case at Abu Ghraib. Such was the case last week with the Republican circus act. The Joe Bidens of the world do not have the backbone to stand up to the fundies. The problem goes beyond money, particularly within the military, where religious gateways exist (research the USAF Academy for instance). The wall between church and state has been abrogated for a long time in many venues. It will take generations to wash out the toxic prejudices of “My God is better than your (or no) God” syndrome". A secular leader is a great place to start.
BERNIE 2020!


From the article:

…he could have been speaking of the Trump conduct when he said: “A wrong that escapes public condemnation is no wrong at all. Worse, it invites not simply repetition, but expansion.”

Does anyone remember when Trump said that we have to “look forward, not back”? What about “Impeachment is off the table”?

This is not a defense of Trump. It’s a reminder that evil Trump “stands on the shoulders of giants” - many of whom are Democrats.

Vote for Bernie, then vote Green.


from the last paragraph of Mr.Brachluci
“clear statement of what the future holds for the United States because of the actions of the morally free occupant of the White House and the legacy he is leaving us.”
Could you use less diluted terms for the occupant of the WH and the congressional forces. How about Morally Vacant or untethered by morals ?

I am sorry for the incorrect spelling of Brauchli

Justice, justice for the president. Where is the justice for all those who testified UNDER OATH and Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton who agreed to testify. Where is their justice from being called liars, fabricators, ignorant of the facts, untrustworthy and never Trumpsters. Where is their JUSTICE? Locked behind the senate vote to stop witness and documents from the trial. Where can they go to restore their honor and restore their besmirched dignity. Justice, justice my my ass!