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Two Native Women in Congress Isn't Enough to End the Systemic Violence Native Girls Face


Two Native Women in Congress Isn't Enough to End the Systemic Violence Native Girls Face

Michelle Chen

A shifting power balance on the Capitol — including the first two Native women elected to the House — might change the political landscape for disenfranchised indigenous communities. For now, though, Washington remains gridlocked and native communities persevere as sites of resistance, struggling on their own for another generation’s survival.


Here in Canada, First Nations women are murdered at a rate that is 6 times higher then females of other ethnic groups. When mothers go into Police Stations out of concern for a missing daughter , they are often dismissed outright by the Police who seem to feel that “Indian women just disappear as part of their culture”. The mothers are told to wait and their daughters will come home as they likely “out on a drunk”.

Just as happens in Palestine where the press will print 8 times the number of stories on a Jewish person being murdered than they will when a Palestinian murdered , the murder of First Nations women rarely reported on and really not seen as the same sort of tragedy as when a woman of another ethnic origin is murdered.

This is systemic and entrenched , all fueled by racism and sexism.


It’s an ongoing travesty that crimes committed on reservations by non-Natives can’t be dealt with by tribal police, since local law enforcement, mostly white, is uninterested at best. And forget the FBI—they’ve far done more than enough damage already.


Decaying social infrastructure is taking place all over the world due to conservative domination of societies by corporate aristocracy. Greed out-flanks any attempt to overcome a climate crises or do something about the world over-population. Unless we come out of our rabbit hole and put on our yellow shirts to bring these to an attention in the streets, the game will be over in 12 years.