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Two out of Three Investigative Journalists in US Believe They're Being Spied On


Two out of Three Investigative Journalists in US Believe They're Being Spied On

In the wake of the NSA mass surveillance scandal, an overwhelming majority of investigative journalists believe that the U.S. government is spying on them, and large numbers say that this belief impacts the way they go about their reporting, a Pew Research Center poll released Thursday reveals.


The ones who say they don’t think they’re being spied on are trying to fool the spies.


It would be interesting to know how many of these journalists have changed to using some form of encryption. Lots of folks now feel they are being spied on and end up doing nothing about it.


I was thinking the third one was probably working for the government…


I know I’m being spied on for being involved in various anti-war activities since my military days 46 years ago. Do I care? Yes. Does it scare me? Not much these days. I am just very careful choosing my words when I write something or send an email.


Thank you for your service, RandyBo, and welcome home if you were overseas in brown water or had your as* in the grass or boots on the ground…forty-six years ago. I’m a journalist of the free press, and will not cease and desist,

I’'ve been arrested for saying the word "

Now WE HAVE reached an era of non-words…c-word, b-word, m-word, n-word and onward into the obliteration of freedom of the press. When words are outlawed there will be no more words, only …man, I hope we’ll still have Popeye and Mickey Mouse…'cuz "Leave it to Beaver* is just pornography at this point.


Journalists think they are being spied on, Brian Williams lied to embellish his credentials; but the bigger “journalism is in danger” story, in my opinion, is the German newspaper editor who confessed to placing stories at the behest of the CIA and, on his way out the door, said he knows that some journalists at the NY Times were on the CIA payroll.


Get serious – ALL investigative journalists in the US are being spied on!!


I certainly don’t need anyone’s thanks for being held against my will as a piece of cannon fodder to carry out evil atrocities by an imperialistic, war-mongering government. I also don’t need any “welcome home” by anyone trying to flatter me for having “boots on the ground” or “ass in the grass” making my military time into something patriotic. Those expressions smack of war glorification and glorification of the stupid grunt.