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Two-out-of-Three Tuesday as Sanders Revolution Proves Resilient Strength


Two-out-of-Three Tuesday as Sanders Revolution Proves Resilient Strength

Jon Queally, staff writer

Bernie Sanders proved that his call for political revolution does, in fact, have strength in the western states by winning two out of three contests on Tuesday.

Sanders' won Idaho with 78 percent of the vote compared to Clinton's 21 percent. In Utah, the gap was slightly larger with Sanders holding 80 percent of the vote to Clinton's 20 percent.


Feel the Bern. Thanks for the article up early.


Great way to start the day.


Bernie Sanders’s campaign manager said, with 70% of the vote counted in Arizona, that he couldn’t believe how few votes were totaled in Arizona. This comes rather close to accusing officials in the State of Arizona of a massive insider vote-rigging felony.


These wins by Bernie Sanders are good, but far too-many still support his opponent. Why? because of her campaign of lies and deception, of manipulation and control over media. Because of the manipulations of the DNC and the corporate/banker/Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party - the status quo of business as usual Hillary & Co represent.

“Presently, this is a country for the capitalists, by the bought off politician. And one of those purchased politicians is Hillary Clinton. So again, why do you vote for her?”

The Democratic Party - if there are any in it left with a shred of wisdom and integrity, had better wake-up and damn fast if they don’t want to be destroyed along with RepubliCon’s! The party of FDR has been subverted by DLC - “triangulation” corporate/big-money politics and thrown their legacy in the garbage - Hillary is just another deceitful sellout that will say or do anything she thinks gullible people will swallow…

Some still use the term “liberal” but I have not since Phil Ochs definitive song. Let’s use “progressive” instead, and progressives, people of conscience and concern for the common good and the Golden Rule, are missing the opportunity of a lifetime supporting a fraud rather than a person of truth and integrity…

“Liberal America, I’m scared, really (freakin) scared, for the first time in my 30-year-old American life. It looks like come November, a pathological liar, will be facing off against a pathological sociopath, while the only person with genuine integrity and moral consistency is thrown into the dustbin of history”…we need more “Grey Panthers” to wake up and join their younger sisters and brothers supporting Bernie!


Excellent post and link Emphyrio, thank you.

In keeping with the author of the Counterpunch article who is confounded by those that are voting for HRC (who,at best, will carry on with u.s. as oligarchy ----or worse move this country into full blown inverted totalitarianism) and yes, we’ve heard this many times:

Oligarchy and Democracy are Not Compatible Constructs

“If you care anything at all about democratic principles, and I don’t mean just the Democratic party but democratic principles, as in what it means to be a democracy, then perhaps it would be prudent to think twice about supporting the candidate who accepts piles of cash from the Wall Street criminal class. Maybe, the guy you aren’t supporting, the one who refuses to take Wall Street money on principle, deserves another look with regard to your support.
Does voting for a candidate who accepts millions of dollars from the criminals that decimated the backbone of our nation, the middle class align with your core beliefs?
Does supporting a candidate who serves the interests of the oligarchy align with your world view?
If you answered yes to either of the above questions, then I daresay, you cannot expect people to believe you also support democratic principles, as the two concepts don’t synch up. If you support the oligarch over the principled candidate, you can’t have it both ways and say “I’m progressive! I’m a liberal!” if you are voting against the very principles of democracy, as outlined above. Well, technically you can, but no one will believe you, or take you seriously.
I don’t have to respect your choice if I feel that your choice is detrimental to me, my family, to American democracy, our country and this planet. You are not only voting against your own best interest (unless, of course, you’re of that ilk yourself), but you are voting against MY best interests and my child’s best interests, and I’m not going to be all nice about it and bend over backwards to treat your decision with kid gloves when it’s the wrong decision. “


Right back at ya Caroline! The piece you linked is excellent, comprehensive and powerful - one that people should read and distribute widely. We fight for the time we can all celebrate the vision of potential “good times” Bernie Sanders represents and keep on building on that vision…

Arizona voter suppression was a fraud organized against Sanders! ONLY 60 polling locations in Maricopa County for 1.25 million voters!



I sympathize with you, I’m despondent about so many still voting for Clinton too. It just feels like this is our last best chance to change things in this country. Bernie has sacrificed himself for this race to give this country a chance to change. If we don’t take it it’s a crying shame. We really needed a landslide like Obama got to overcome the DNC, Media and cronyism of the Clinton machine.
A Democracy requires it’s citizens to participate in every election or it is lost to the wealthy, as we are today. I think many feel Bernie and his ideas are too good to be true. Thanks Obama for killing our ‘hope’ for change, now people aren’t even trying. That was so insidious of him and the scary part is she’s worse.


Please Common Dreams, we count on you–tell it like it is: the Arizona primary was a sham. The number of people turned away from the polls is staggering (some reports say more than a million; I don’t know where that figure comes from but it was certainly a lot). There were 400 polling stations in 2008 and 60 in 2016, though a large turnout was anticipated. The math says it all. I urge those concerned about the integrity of the vote to sign a MoveON petition asking the UN to investigate voter fraud in the primaries. (I’m a new user so can’t provide the link–maybe someone can help me out.) Do we have a democracy or not? Let’s walk our talk.


People are trying to vote for Bernie. They’re just not able to because of overly long lines, being told they can’t vote, being given provisional ballots, etc. Citizens in Arizona are outraged. See my post below.


Agreed Dede, we were sold-out by the Clintons and our hopes and dreams at Obama’s progressive rhetoric turned into a nightmare of more of the same and worse, as we’ve seen over the past 8 years. Its hard to build energy when we’ve been sold-out and lied-to too many times - I hope “we” can try just one more time to believe in Bernie and support his leadership - he’s working so very hard…might be the last.


We need a serious, immediate and loud response to the entire range of vote fraud crimes.

I don’t think that the Clinton Neocons will hesitate to pull any dirty tricks they can in order to walk back in to the White House. We need to catch them at it and then prosecute. Were the last Super Tuesday Clinton wins legitimate? Major questions in Illinois, Iowa, N.Carolina…and there is an odd smell around Florida.

Arizona must have a few decent public servants who could start whistleblowing.


Here is a link to the whitehouse.gov petition demanding a vote fraud investigation in Arizona. 72,000 plus signatures needed.



The Democratic Party DLC takeover and Wholesale voter-suppression on display in Arizona yesterday was criminal! Where the Bloody Hell is the Freakin “Justice Department”? Oh, right, in Hillary’s corrupt corner!
Will the media whores expose the blatant subversion of democracy? Oh, right, no they will not, being part of the Hillary conspiracy to deny the will and rights of the people!
The DNC & Debbie “does Arizona” W-S & local agents are behind this criminal outrage! They could not manipulate the caucuses in Utah and Idaho but it was easy to screw democracy in Arizona! The most delegates in play!

"In 2012, Maricopa County, which is the most populous county in Arizona, had over 200 polling locations open on primary day. In 2016, that number was reduced to just 60. This amounted to over 20,000 voters for every polling location, meaning voters had to stand in line for hours"

Bernie or some entity should/must file suit today and demand an Arizona re-vote with enough polling places! This is what Hillary&Co represent BS!



Bernie’s lopsided caucus wins in Idaho and Utah were amazing! When independent voters get to participate, it really tips the scales in Bernie’s favor. I’m an independent in NY, who won’t get to vote in our primary in April, because I didn’t register as a Democrat, (I think both major parties are corrupt), last October. WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO JOIN THE CLUB to have a voice in selecting the candidates for president? If independents are as important in electing a president as the media says we are, then we should be treated with more respect. Anyway, the Democrats may get their anointed one elected, but the majority of Americans aren’t going to like it. What else is new. Go Bernie!


Thank you! There’s also one from MoveOn that asks for UN monitoring. The only concern is that these say “voter fraud” whereas it’s “election fraud”–and there’s a big difference. I wish we could get in touch with the people who crafted these and see if they can be corrected.


Suddenly it is becoming clearer why Sanders has landslide victories in caucus states–where there is far less opportunity for this sort of thing to be pre-arranged:


The general assumption is that a majority of voters in states like AZ are casting ballots for Clinton. Hmmmm. Seems like the official deck has been stacked against the likely voters for Bernie. Reduction of polling places from the previous 200 to 60, neighborhoods with NO polling places, and lines 4 and 5 hours long, all in the more “liberal” counties?

A key thing to notice from these articles is that AZ law states that voters who are registered as Independent, Libertarian, or anything other than Democrat or Republican will not have their “provisional ballots” counted in this primary. So all those registered Democrats who had their registration mysteriously flipped to Independent or something else and then were given provisional ballots will not have those provisional ballots counted.

The only solution to this debacle is for all provisional ballots to be counted, no matter what. That will surely take a lawsuit. Rise up, Arizona!!! Did Hillary Clinton legitimately get 60% of the votes from the record number of people who turned out yesterday? If those provisional ballots are not counted, we will never know.


Even Bernie Sanders tweeted about the long lines last night: “It’s a national disgrace that people have to wait hours to cast a vote in any election.” The waits were reported to be as long as 5 hours.

The drastically reduced number of polling places from 2008, as you mention, was clearly intended to lower voter turnout. Some poorer sections of Phoenix had no polling places at all. The large number of early voters (who would not be subject to long lines) were likely long-time Democrats likely to vote the establishment candidate. (Rather than, you know, a wild-haired, 74-year-old interlocutor Independent democratic socialist . . . from Vermont)

There were also reports that the Democratic party failed to process the paperwork of Independents who had recently registered as Democrats so they could vote Democratic in this closed primary.

Something is rotten in Denmark. Even now, Wednesday morning 12 hours after the polls closed, only 78% of the votes have been counted.

We all know the MSM won’t cover this, so it’s up to Common Dreams, The Ring of Fire, The Intercept, The Young Turks, Counterpunch, Truthdig, Truthout . . .


“ONLY 60 polling stations for 1.25 million voters” compared to 200 polling stations in 2008 when the voter population was less than 1.25 million voters. Arizona has been one of the fastest growing states during the past 20 years and should be INCREASING the number of polling stations proportionately.

NPR was interviewing voters waiting two hours to vote while noting that many voters were giving up after seeing the lines.


I don’t disagree with your post but it presumes that people vote the way they vote in a vacuum. In other words, it leaves out the way the mass media INSISTS that Sanders is a fringe candidate and CANNOT win. It insists that Hillary already has a majority of super-delegates. And when certain demographics (particularly the Black Community that has an intimate knowledge of just how far Republicans will go to all but lynch them and rob them of rights starting with the right to vote) hear these messages, naturally they respond with fear and gravitate to what to them IS the lesser evil.

It’s not as if the 4th estate is doing a decent job educating voters. Instead, it’s a shit hurling contest and when Sanders begins the difficult process of educating the masses (who have been conditioned to sound bites and lies about a recovering economy and the U.S. martial forces fighting to spread Democracy and other insane nonsense), the cameras turn away from him.

The problem is far less the voter than a system that is in place to ensure no threat to those who have been in charge since the dawn of patriarchy. Of course, a massive set of armed forces, a technology pervasive enough to spy on any would-be rebel groups, and a financial system that keeps workers disempowered are helpful tools to the objectives of oligarchy (and the oligarchs who design said systems).

Less blame on voters and more on the systemic mechanisms that keep individuals CLUELESS about the real metrics of politics today… along with the priorities of the professional players that The System favors.