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'Two Powerhouse Leaders': Environmentalists Applaud Biden Selections of Granholm, McCarthy for Key Climate Roles

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/16/two-powerhouse-leaders-environmentalists-applaud-biden-selections-granholm-mccarthy

As they say …hope springs eternal


Pass the smelling salts - Jake finally found a couple of Biden appointees he (thinks) he can cheer about.

It’s important for the DNC’s mouthpieces to highlight distractions like this, in order to avoid discussing the reality of the utter sameness of the worst aspects of Biden’s coming rightist admin.



I will reserve Judgement on Biden’s commitment to saving our Environment and investing in the Green New Deal, when I see who he selects as EPA Secretary? And Interior Secretary?
So far I am not thrilled with his selections. A General as Defense Secretary, are you kidding me? Just as I suspected Biden still has the Warmonger Blood running through his veins.
Not happy with this Sabre rattling Warmonger and Corporate Puppet thus far. I can only hope it improves?