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Two States, Two Competing Futures for Voting Rights in America



There are two visions; but due to the power money wields over the election process, unfortunately the following statement also applies to many Democrats:

"Moreover, instead of answering to the American public, Republican candidates are increasingly beholden to the privileged few who fund their campaigns. In the 2016 election cycle, nearly half of the contributions to presidential candidates so far have come from just 158 families. As the New York Times reports, “They are overwhelmingly white, rich, older and male.”

Also from the article:

"This month, Republican contender Jeb Bush explained that he does not support restoring the Voting Rights Act because “There’s been dramatic improvement in access to voting,” making it unnecessary to impose protections “as though we’re living in 1960.”

Few families make my skin crawl as much as the Bush clan. One can imagine Jeb (and the rest of his biological kin) arguing that the U.S. is a "post-racist" nation since there is a Black President (pay no attention to all that racism-fueled police violence); and a post-sexist nation (while his family's fans work by stealth to roll back women's rights, particularly around birth control and reproductive sovereignty).

The Republicans play dirtier. They get their crowd to gerrymander districts, close motor vehicle departments that would issue picture I.D. cards, and then argue that those without those cards have no right to vote. Meanwhile, they'll gain copyright to election machine software and ring up THEIR OWN counts, and call it "freedom."

In their spare time, the Bush family cozies up with Saudi tyrants.

Can anyone find that quote from Bush, jr. speaking with envy about the Saudi Prince's authoritarian privileges?


Right wingers and especially libertarians bristle at the word democracy and have massive hissy fits if anyone describes America as a democracy. They hate democracy. That right wing filth, GOP rep. Steve King, says that the USA is not a democracy and thank God for that, according to him. Sure, the US is a republic but a republic is a form of democracy, i.e., a representative democracy. These libertarian jackasses want to repeal the 17th amendment allowing for the popular election of senators. The people who hate government want to repeal the 17th amendment and allow state legislatures (with "help" from the governors) select the senators. Right wingers hate democracy and they hate the great mass of the voting public. How dare the moiling masses have a right to vote; the vote should be restricted to property owners and not to welfare queens, according to the right wing scum.