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Two-Thirds of Americans Live in the 'Constitution-Free Zone'


Two-Thirds of Americans Live in the 'Constitution-Free Zone'

Lornet Turnbull

In Hartford, Vermont, last year, U.S. Border Patrol agents boarded a Greyhound bus as it arrived from Boston, asking passengers about their citizenship and checking the IDs of people of color or those with accents. In January, they stopped a man in Indio, California, as he was boarding a Los Angeles-bound bus.


They did this with a bus I was on in Daytona (going from Boston). I had a change-over nearby that I missed because they were checking half of the passengers. I was stranded for a while.


Nazis are terrorizing us and We are allowing it.


"Customs and Border Protection, has authority to board and search any vehicle, bus, or vessel without a warrant "

If it really applies to “any vehicle,” this would mean they can pull you over in your own car. And the probable cause requirement is b.s. Their idea of probable cause is, “there’s a lot of illegals around this city, so we’ll stop any bus we want.”


Happened to me on a road trip along the I-8 from Yuma to San Diego several years back. Armed military Humvee’s with armed mercs in full combat gear asking a lot of silly questions at a road block. And many more hanging out at the Imperial Dunes checking out everyone with binoculars and chatting on their radios likely passing on car type, travel directions and skin color of the passengers. Pretty disgusting in the land of the free.


Having had many encounters with Border Patrol, I can say I would prefer to never have another one.

Many are aggressive, rude, rednecks bent on fucking with people for no good reason.

I was even harassed by these thugs going up a mountain road on Mount Laguna in Southern California (within that 100 mile area) as I sped up to keep my distance from a monster SUV coming up fast behind me. I sped up to get out of the way as I knew a viewing area turnout was just ahead. So I speed up while traveling the distance of maybe 1/8 the of a mile trying to time it out so that what appeared to be an aggressive driver wouldn’t have a chance to bear down on my bumper on a curvy mountain road…

So sure enough as I approach the turn out, he’s right up on my bumper as I turn off the highway and into the viewing area parking space…and the all black vehicle unmarked pulls up behind, and 4 uniformed Border Patrol dickheads come up to my car, all around it. I roll my window down to ask what the problem is and the chief dickhead says “why were you trying to get away from us”. I asked him as calm as I could “how could I have possibly known that it was Border Patrol in an unmarked vehicle?” and “I was simply trying to get out of the way of what appeared to be an aggressive driver of a large vehicle coming upon me fast and dangerous on a curvy mountain road” or something to that effect.

His response was. “Can we take a look inside your trunk?” I said “you have no cause whatsoever to request that you look inside my trunk”. He said “we have the authority to search your vehicle regardless, and if you want to be stuck here with us for a long time that is your choice, however if you open your trunk and let us verify you aren’t hiding anything illegal, then you can be on your way in just a few minutes and enjoy the rest of your day”.

Having fear of these fucking jerks, and nothing to hide, I popped the trunk. The goon squad all took turns rifling through a few things, tossing a few quarts of oil around, looking under my spare tire, etc…then closed the trunk. Then chief dickhead came to my window and apologized for the inconvenience, blah blah blah while I just stared intently into his eyes saying nothing while uttering to myself…fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

Anyway, that is one of many, and wasn’t even the scariest one.

And one thing they just love to do, is while they are speaking with you…is to alternate touching or gripping the handle of their baton beating stick, or their pistol grip.


Seems like Hillary forgot to mention this while pimping for her book and castigating ‘deplorables’ in states that didn’t vote her majorities.

But the good news is that now we know how the Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama found all those immigrants so his administration could set an all-time incarceration and deportation record.

Then, of course, there are Bernie and Ellen. But where are Bernie and Ellen? Why have they been silent on this police state law?

This why ‘Our Revolution’ sputters. Realities like living a police state 24/7 don’t resonate in the world of ‘incremental revolution.’

Never mind. It’s all good. And I just heard Trump bleated and tweeted the most outrageous thing a few minutes ago and did you know…?


ICE = fuckin pig neo-nazis…


Oh yes, that is just a lovely stretch of highway!!! Getting that bright flashlight in your face at those fucking checkpoints is just such a joy, while a German Shepard is circling your car.


I used to live in Buffalo, NY. I seldom had difficulty getting through Canadian customs, but the U.S. was something else. Then the U.S. set up customs stations on the Canadian side to inspect trucks and they managed to create massive traffic jams both ways, not to mention the naked violation of Canadian sovereignty (which the U.S. lapdog Harper accepted with slobbering obsequious drools, andthe ‘Liberal’ Trudeau has upgraded to genuflecting).

In Texas, permanent ICE/customs stations are set up 80 miles from the southern borders despite the fact that the Mexican border itself has been fully militarized already and the Trumpie contractors are going to have a really hard time finding a piece of ground large enough to build a wall on. But the gun trade south and the dope trade north go on. So much for militarization. It simply means people in uniform have taken over the trade. Gotta keep our heroes taken care of.

The good news is that in the Land of Austerity along the Rio Grande you can go to walk-in clinics and sell blood and body parts (cheap). So there ya go. Free Trade rules and all that. It takes the phrase ‘selling yourself’ to a new level and you won’t get rich doing it, but consider yourself a patriot and thank you for your sacrifice.


The ICE SUV’s in Texas are green-and-white, so I guess - despite the rumors - Texas is more green than Caly. Time to move to Pair-A-Dice, non.


ICE SUVs are white and green as well in CA, but apparently some are undercover. The choice of all black monster SUVs for undercover fits the attitude perfectly. Only see-through window on the vehicle was the windshield.


This is dumb and as has been stated many times unconstitutional to the extreme. Also never realized that northern Indiana was appart of this “constitution free zone” since Lake Michigan is entirely within our borders I didn’t expect it would count, wow.


Mostly they used to be checking for drugs. And, cash that can’t be explained away easily. Which led them to focus on Hispanic males, for the most part. Stealing money from these folks is a nice side business for Border Agents and County Police Depts.
Been there myself and the dogs, weapons, attitudes and whatnot make everyone very uncomfortable and nervous. Which is probably more than 1/2 the point, I suspect.
Worked on the docks in Portland, too. No wonder we’re going broke living in The Police & Security State. When the big ships came in there were more uniformed personnel than Longshoreman and Teamsters. But hey, they’re all in a union so it’s all good, right?


The erosion of Civil Liberties happened a long time ago under the guise of fighting drugs and then terrorism. In another Police shooting that happend recently the police shot at 2 occupants in a van . The van ran off the road and they proceeded to continue to fire as they saw movement. One of those men in the van of Oriental descent died.

The rationale used was this. The man LOOKED like a wanted felon and they thought it was said felon and the 4 police officers feared for their life because they THOUGHT the person was someone else.

You had better not LOOK like someone else.They can put a bullet in most anybody now and get away with it.


Probably rent-a-cops. They like the all-black, heavy armor, balaclava look. Then they can moonlight as themselves in the movies.


It used to be, or was mostly. Now…not so much!


That’s really quite amazing! Here is link to the map:


It’s unfortunate that it has come to this…but I stand behind all uniformed officers. We have to keep our children and families safe. It’s just very sad that the left insists that we are making this personal. When in fact it’s only those with criminal convictions and ties that must go…


Having lived in the US near the Canadian border for a quarter century I have watched the US Border Patrol personnel and facility numbers on the Canadian border increase twentyfold since 2001.

When I asked one of the agents what they actually do along the Canadian border I was told that they ride SUVs, ATVs and horses during the summer and ride snowmobiles in winter…basically a plumb assignment to run out the retirement clock for agents who paid their dues on the Mexican border.

With so many agents with nothing to do, it is not surprising they are harrassing people.