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Two-Thirds of Americans Think They're Living Through Lowest Point in US History


Two-Thirds of Americans Think They're Living Through Lowest Point in US History

Julia Conley, staff writer

In new poll, high levels of stress over healthcare, the economy, and social divisions found


So much for “Making America Great Again.” DJT and company are taking america hostage, abolishing our democracy, expanding poverty, destroying the environment, dismantling the agencies created to protect, reinforce, and support our nation and all people all-the-while filling their own pockets with each and every move. No wonder we are suffering from depression, stress, anxiety, worry, hunger, etc. when faced with such tyranny. Now is the WORST period in history our nation is experiencing…including the Civil War because the repercussions NOW circle the globe.


Simply shows what a bunch of sheltered wimps Americans have become. Hmm… The Great Depression? The Civil War? World War I? World War II? Oh no, things are much, much worse now…


Stress? What’s not to be stressed about? These are dystopic times indeed and I’ve not seen any indicators that things will get better anytime soon. Of course the wealthy can buy their place and perhaps, keep the rabble on to serve their needs. I see Earth’s capacity to support life stressed beyond belief and will soon be beyond any human capacity to change the inevitable end. But I’ve always been a pessimist. So perhaps there’s still hope to survive if actual folks start doing something and screw the damn government. Perhaps.


Welcome to republican-world. As bad as it is it can get much worse, and the republican party is fighting tooth and nail to insure that it does. After all, it will be a much better world when all the poor, aged, non-white, non-wealthy, sick people are dead.


How about the time when George Washington, and cronies convinced, through evil means, the young boys of the Continental Army to fight for the 1%, against the young boys own personal interest, and for the young boys to starve to death, and to freeze to death at Valley Forge, Pennslyvania for the 1%- circa 1777-1778-. The 1% has been F**King us regular folks from the very beginning.


…I will not, nor have I, trusted my worst enemies dead dog to a republican…


Apparently, two-thirds of “Americans” haven’t been looking very hard at U.S. history, which is a history of a nation built on patriarchy, white supremacy, slavery and apartheid, the primacy of property owners and a relentless imperial project that now encompasses most of the Earth.


“Now is the worst period in history our nation is experiencing”. I’m sorry WTF are you talking about? Based on what are you making this statement?


How about war being waged at the drop of a hat with nuclear holocaust a constant threat. Droughts, floods, horrific never-heard-before storms around the globe, robotics replacing human jobs forcing ongoing unemployment, food/water/soil toxicity, air pollution, climate change, unlimited desecration of entire ecosystems, millions of refugees fleeing persecution/execution and starvation, poisoning the oceans with marine life washing up on shores daily, which are ongoing with no end in sight. ALL THIS IS ON A GLOBAL SCALE and not confined to the US but we are major players in this assault on planet Earth. The repercussions of today’s crises are far more threatening to all life than the times you brought up. And, unlike the Civil and WW I/WWII wars, nuclear war would be far more disastrous than any of those.


The question asked was about this being the most stressful time they can remember. That removes things like the Civil War and World War I. Even the oldest people in the sample were just babies during the Great Depression or young children during World War II so those times might not have been that stressful to them like it obviously was for their parents.


The US economy is doing well, the US isn’t engaged in a major war, and yet this is lowest point in US history? These are the good times, wait until what is coming. If global warming isn’t checked pretty soon global temperature increase could make most of this planet uninhabitable for humans. Trump could start a nuclear war with North Korea. Or he may be successful in installing himself as a dictator of fascist white supremacist state which seems to be his objective and there appear to be many Americans who support this. This may be a stretch but if artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence we may have something out of our control taking over. While about 30 million Americans do not have health care coverage, it is a big improvement from the past decade. My view is relatively speaking things are not that bad overall but they are very likely to get much worse.


“How about war being waged at the drop of a hat with nuclear holocaust a constant threat” You think North Korea is bad? North Korea is heaven compared to numerous close encounters we experienced with the USSR. North Korea is over 2,000 miles away from touching the continental USA, the USSR came into the Gulf of Mexico with multiple WMDs that were more powerful than current North Korean bombs. There have been numerous occasions during the cold war, where literally we were minutes away from nuclear annihilation. Look up U2 US plane in Soviet Airspace incident 1962, Soviet Satellite in US Air Space 1962, and Comp Fear 1979,

During the Cuban missile crisis, several cities actually had false warnings of nuclear attacks. Think about that for a second. US cities literally had sirens going off that USSR ICMBs were about to hit them. You still think today is more stressful?


We are a violent nation built on a violent past and an ever-so violent present. Shame on us. We are nothing but warmongers. We get what we deserve.


Having lived through the Cold War and the Cuban Crisis (my father, a US Navy aviator was on high alert while stationed in Puerto Rico where we lived at the time), yes, I still think that what the world is facing now is a much larger GLOBAL scale. During those times, we had presidents and their administrations/cabinets with intellect, experience, rational behavior, and a devotion to the rule of law and the Constitution in whom we could trust to ameliorate provocations for the most part. There was a balance of power and all three branches of government came together collegially overall. Right now, we do not have a competent, sane president or cabinet or leaders throughout the administration or GOP-controlled Congress who care deeply about our nation or the planet.


My advice to any young people is get a decent education and get outta Dodge. This is a dying country that will continue to get worse and worse. About the ONLY thing the US is number one anymore is it’s prison population.


Thing is: During the Great Depression it was the corporate criminals jumping out the windows, now they are in control and they are expecting the rest of us to be jumping out of windows. Now is the time to fight with everything we got.


With the looming environmental catastrophe and the very real threat of nuclear winter it is hard to imagine a bright future.

Well, not for long. They too are subject to laws of nature and will perish along with their thoughtless progeny.
Cold comfort, I know.


…32 percent said “trust in government” was their biggest concern and 31 percent said hate crimes or crime in general were their top source of stress regarding the nation.

These two are my greatest concerns.

The five Republican presidents since 1969, including Richard Nixon, form a chain of distress for me through history, and it falls squarely on the Republican party, which I see as evil and destructive of democracy. The two Democratic presidents in that latter time period (Clinton and Obama) did nothing to restore my trust in government and seemed to be weak placeholders for Republican evils with their presidencies bearing many of the same characteristics.

Though I am white and my distress about hate crimes cannot be as great as the distress of people of color or other races, I am still deeply alarmed about hate crimes and fantasize that I can stop them somehow through illegal means, such as killing and retaliating in kind to the crimes committed (a tooth for a tooth). I’d make a terrible president. The victims of hate crimes are all of us, whether we know it or not.

But the worst thing is not being able to do anything direct to stop the hatred that results in so much destruction. My fantasies would only cause more hatred, so I suppose I should work through them to other solutions. But it’s hard.


A majority of Americans surveyed in a study of stress levels, released on Wednesday, said they consider the present day to be the lowest point in U.S. history

The article doesn’t seem to limit it to their lifetimes. I went to the APA website to check the exact wording of the question, and alas, they have an error message that the website is down for maintenance.

And even if we limit it to our lifetimes, I distinctly remember waiting in a fallout shelter on an October day in 1962, wondering if I could go out to play later. And my mom still remembers, with great clarity, both the Great Depression and WWII. I stand by my point - wimps.