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Two-Thirds of Interior Dept Meetings Attended by Fossil Fuel Interests as Trump Lavishes Industry With Covid Relief: Report

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/20/two-thirds-interior-dept-meetings-attended-fossil-fuel-interests-trump-lavishes

Is anybody surprised by this? This seems to be the new normal here in good ‘ole “Make America Fascist again”


Nothing to see here. Just move along and we will have a new scandalous item for you tomorrow.


Wall Street does not get a mention? You know they are getting whatever they want. They probably control the purse strings at this point.

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It’s been very obvious from the beginning who has the ear of the Trump administration. That fossil fuel corporations, mining companies and lobbyists are the Top 3 should surprise nobody.

What is it that we lack. We are not able to muster a protest worth anything. That should make us wonder how far we are willing to be used and abused.