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Two Top Allies of Trump Surrogate Chris Christie Found Guilty for Role in Bridgegate


Two Top Allies of Trump Surrogate Chris Christie Found Guilty for Role in Bridgegate

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A federal jury on Friday found two former top aides of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie guilty on all counts for their role in the scandal known as Bridgegate.

That refers to the September 2013 closing of access lanes to the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, N.J., as an act of political revenge over the failure of that city's mayor to endorse Christie's candidacy for governor.


The Fish Stinks from the Head back.


Now that they are convicted, perhaps Kelly and Baroni will try and make a deal for a lighter sentence by telling the prosecution EVERYTHING, and making Governor Lard Ass their cellmate! Orange is the new black MoFo. May you rot in the slammer.


This New Jerseyite has been trying not to gloat, or even smirk. But she's waiting for the big ol' shoe to drop. Mind you, after his (state-paid) attorneys scanned his own cell phone, it got lost and so was unavailable to the federal prosecutors. And mind you, CC used to be a prosecutor, so he knows how to game the system. So I'm not holding my breath, but as Jon Stewart once said, nobody knows how to do corruption like Jersey.


As were the prosecutors, judge, and jury I suppose. Hillary is in no way involved in this issue or trial so of course you had to bring her into it. Can't help yourself?


I don't think "they" or anyone else outside your delusional little circle care what you look at. Peace.


Scuze me? This was a jury in federal court, people who almost certainly have used the GWBridge, where tolls are collected only going from NJ to NYC, so we're the ones who sit in whatever traffic there is. They deliberated for 4 days after spending mind- and butt-numbing weeks listening to lawyers make their cases. Say what you may about Jersey corruption, but we don't need anyone to tell us to think of the Governor who just tacked an instant (midnight 10/31) 23 cents/gallon onto the gas tax as primarily a "Trump Surrogate" or the staffers he threw under the bus as poor maligned servants. He is slime, plain and simple.


Christy knew. This is what type of personality this man has. I have notice when you have something on him he talks nice not as boastful and a smartass. When he thinks you can't prove something he is a smartass. Keep investigating all the senators in Washington they are all corrupt we just haven't caught them yet. Time to get rid of everyone in Washington. It is nothing but an organized crime syndicate anyway.


Just remember this is the guy who, after his "brave" bromoment with Obama after HSandy, went all giddy to get a call from Jersey's own Bruce Springsteen, calling from the real, actual AFOne, and never once got the dig that he had not been invited onto the plane ride to meet Bruce, or that Bruce had been invited to ride with the President. CC is incredibly immature in some ways.




Check in with your friend and admirer Mrsannhitts. She got pretty graphic. Psst, Sigmund Freud is long dead. Perhaps another fantasy of yours?

Donkey sex you deny, but satanic masturbatory circles is an abvious mental picture for you? Pity about Freud

Peace indeed.


if Christie were not involved, as Governor he would have demanded in his inimitable outraged manner that the problem be fixed immediately and that heads would roll!