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Two Top Republican Tax Writers Reveal Their Prejudice and Their Strategy


Two Top Republican Tax Writers Reveal Their Prejudice and Their Strategy

Jared Bernstein

Because they have used the deficit to pay for a tax cut that blatantly favors the rich over the rest, Republicans have forfeited their ability to tell us what we can and can’t afford.


From the article:

“(Republicans) never stop caterwauling about the unsustainability of our social insurance and safety-net programs. But their deficit-financed gift to wealthy asset holders belies such posturing. Affordability is a choice, and they’ve shown whose side they’re choosing.”

All that is, of course, on the revenue side. The spending side is equally generous to Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Finance and the Biggest of the Big, the US military and its suppliers—about whom the subject of affordability is never, EVER broached.


Grassley’s statement distills the essence of “trickle-down” fantasia - the rich are rich because they are morally superior. Gilded idiocy.


Grassley’s “investment” claim is not 100% bogus when you consider that tax cuts for the 1%, including cuts to the estate tax, DO result in the 1% investing more money purchasing politicians, an investment that has proven to provide the highest return on investment (ROI) of ANY investment category.

With most US politicians already owned by the 1%, expect the GOP tax cuts to accelerate the 1%'s purchase of politicians in other nations so the rest of the world can get screwed as bad as we Murkins keep getting screwed.


I really think the French were on to something when they lopped the heads off of the high minded aristocracy.


The campesinos of El Salvador warned the Fourteen Families who, backed by the US and its military, had ruled them for generations, “Take off your rings before we cut off your hands.”


I’m reminded of the archetypal white trash–getting drunk while watching wrestling, punching his wife during the commercials and claiming to be morally superior to black people.

These people, and Grassley, know they are a disease on the planet and a disease on the country and its culture. I would therefore say the claim of superiority is not a belief, but a rationalization.


For guys like Grassley it certainly is.


Like Danton? Robespierre himself? It seems progressives know their history as well as they know current events.


Oh god.


This summer I went to see Wonder Woman. Later that week, I had a beer.

Grassley is right. If I’d just invested that money, I’d be rich now!

Women, booze and movies–man’s ruin.


… Republicans have forfeited their ability to tell us what we can and can’t afford.

As have the majority Democrats, who, like the Republicans, voted for a 700 billion dollar package for military and defense spending, all to continue endless wars that make no one on this planet safer. Meanwhile, 1 in 6 people in this country face hunger. How can these people sleep at night. Sick.


And when they voted for increased spending, they knew a tax bill was in the works that would be used to justify cutting social programs, and now those programs will be targeted for greater cuts to offset the increased military spending.


It’s fitting Grassley is Republican Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. His formal education and degree is in Swine Management.
With Moroni-worshipping Hatch as a co-consigliore, this tax giveaway is taking on Biblical comparisons; ya know, " casting pearls before swine and devils taken up residence in pigs " or worse.
I’m thinking the last movie these two saw was All The President’s Men. Which was a movie about a deplorable bunch of swine, too.


There is an artificial aristocracy, founded on wealth and birth, without either virtue or talents this artificial aristocracy is a mischievous ingredient in government, and provision should be made to prevent its ascendency.
And that provision was the inheritance tax


People–it is time for action. We all have had enough of the 1% plutocracy. How do we fight?

#1. When the low and middle income taxscam breaks expire (while the break for the rich are perpetual) everyone who makes $70,000.00 and under will be paying HIGHER taxes so the wealthy can get some relief.

#2. Therefor we need to act, and not just act, but rebel in the least, revolt is much better. We need a national holiday that represents us getting FUCKED. So let’s pick a day. How about April 15th? since that is the deadline day for we who are really getting screwed (or the nearest weekday) and in 2018 that will be Monday, April 16th.

#3. That day we stay home (or continue a 3 day getaway) as a national strike day. We do not work. We call in sick. We do not go to school. And neither do our kids. However, wherever we may be, we spend no money–not on rent, mortgage, groceries, or booze and women and movies.

It is how we stand up and say "Since you [the plutocracy] are fucking us royally 365 days of the year, this is the day we stand up and say “FUCK YOU!”

Are our lives and livelihoods and families worth one day of national protest?

“Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.” — Edward Abbey


Who owns this country=the resources that these companies use to drive profit=belong to the people. All the people in this country are owners and should get a return on this profit . Stop buying into this elite brainwashing. Hatch and Grassley are just stooges for the elite, they do what they are told by the elite. SUPPORT THE COMMONS!


Yes, and wouldn’t you agree that Grassley’s moronic statement sounds a helluva lot like “Let them eat cake?”


I love your comment


Gaia bless Ed Abbey. Here’s another of his pearls of wisdom:

“Human society is like a stew—if you don’t keep it stirred up, you get a lot of scum on top.”