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Two Years After Khashoggi’s Brutal Murder, Why Is America Still an Accomplice to MBS's Crimes?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/01/two-years-after-khashoggis-brutal-murder-why-america-still-accomplice-mbss-crimes


There’s the Saudi connection to 9/11 also, along with the others listed in the article. It was shut down, not investigated at the time. About 2200 P.E.s and Architects signed a letter that said Building #57 collapse was a demolition which would indicate it was, it had to be, an ‘inside job’. The Saudis were involved maybe unknowingly, maybe not -who knows?


Why Is America Still an Accomplice to MBS’s Crimes?

Because the psyche of the nation is sick. Never has it acknowledges the twin crimes upon which it was founded: Genocide and slavery. Every war, every injustice it has inflicted stem from these two and why it has repeatedly supported thuggish nations.

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Saudi Arabia has become one of the largest purchasers of U.S. weapons, a major investor in U.S. businesses

Saudi Arabia is one of the most brutal regimes in the world… but only second to their arms supplier, THE FOURTH REICH.


Because America’s Ruling Class - including its Presidunce - is an ally of Fascist Dictators everywhere.

No Faux conspiracy theories fairy tales necessary.  IIRC, eight of the eleven hijackers were Saudi citizens, and the whole operation was planned and funded by Osama bin Ladin, son of wealthy Saudi businessman Muhammed bin Ladin.

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Funny how Trump is so willing to execute poorer americans who have murdered but MBS is like his best friend. I guess there is one set of law and order rules for the oligarchs and another for the rest of us. Both Trump and MBS are criminals and should be treated as such.

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the whole operation was planned and funded by Osama bin Ladin*

Was it really? I guess that’s why the US decided to kill him and throw his body in the sea; instead of capturing him and interrogating him? I guess they had no interest in finding out about his “whole operation?”

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I’m just not sure I would take the word of the same government that told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.


Hi bushrodi:
Look up the "Dancing Israelis, " re; dancing on the roof of their van as they filmed the debacle of 9/11. Police called true to an alert neighbor-----a sad story–but sadly has only been investigated to the point where the police decided to ship them off home to Israel. I wonder if that news article has since 9/11 possibly been flushed down that “memory hole.” : (

Obviously because Trump values money more than people.

I spoke to the physics department head at one of the state schools in Kansas where I live (who is in a meetup group I’m in) about this conspiracy theory and he didn’t think it held water from a physics standpoint. Having said that 9/11 was the best thing that the MIC and all the politicians and people that have benefited financially from it here could have hoped for because it has created an endless massive income stream for them, so who knows what really happened behind the scenes that we aren’t aware of.

England and America essentially created the saudi “royal” zionist (look it up) family, and along with Israel they are heavily invested in their continued misrule.
Through them they have the political cover to do whatever they wish in the region and of course unlimited access to “their” oil.
There is much speculation about the ancestry of the faux royal family, and many sources suggest they they are of Khazar (jewish) origin.
There is also much to suggest that the British government were initially behind the re-emergance of the extremist wahhabism they impose, with the aim of dividing the muslims in the region.
Iraq’s military intelligence conducted a study back in the 60’s exploring the connections between the west and wahhabi extremism:
You can find that study here (h)ttps://fas.org/irp/eprint/iraqi/wahhabi.pdf

. . . and blamed 9/11 on Iraq, NOT the Saudis — all part of the same conspiracy, but it doesn’t involve deliberate de­struction of the two towers. I was watching the news live that morning, and saw the second plane hit the other tower.  The physics of the subsequent collapse is quite simple and obvious, and does NOT require explosives to have been planted in either tower.

Sounds to me a lot like what happened to Oswald. Osama like Oswald was NO DOUBT IN MY MIND, part of a larger operation ( "I AM A PATSY " ).

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