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Two Years In, Trump's Global Gag Rule Responsible for 'Immeasurable Suffering and Death' Around World


Two Years In, Trump's Global Gag Rule Responsible for 'Immeasurable Suffering and Death' Around World

Julia Conley, staff writer

Pointing to countless examples from countries around the globe, reproductive rights organizations highlighted how in just two years, President Donald Trump's reinstatement of the anti-choice global gag rule has done serious damage to the health of women and families in some of the neediest communities in the world.



The damage is endless pain and suffering especially for women –

Trump is acting for Patriarchy in its efforts to re-establish itself – regain lost
control and territory – any rise of females is a threat to patriarchy –

And especially in challenging overpopulation which means cheap labor and higher
profits for Elites. That’s why Trump is aiming at Roe –

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The agencies for birth control must be set up separately from US funding.
Maybe that is easier said than done, but circumvention seems like an option.



Hell hath nooo fury like that of a woman scorned.

Trump, if not blind, should be able to see this.
He is already creating a small army against him, and it’s growing larger by the day.



this could have been avoided, and so much other suffering, if we had all rallied to Clinton in November 2016. Now its too late, the Supreme Court is lost for along time and the damage to these women, to poor women in the US and s many others, and to nature and the environment, will be irreversible. Sad!



It’s bad enough that American lawmakers think that taking American women into slavery by dictating their bodily functions, but where in hell do they get off making women in other countries slaves to our federal government?