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'Tyrannical and Un-American': ACLU Rebukes Barr for Urging Sedition Charges Against Protesters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/16/tyrannical-and-un-american-aclu-rebukes-barr-urging-sedition-charges-against


Barr should not be allowed to be free, and should be under wraps in some way.


barr’s attorneys prosecuting. mitch’s judges judging. yeah i think they can make sedition stick. nazi in charge so nazi rules apply.


Josef Goebbels would be green with envy seeing how well the GOP has refined his work.


I try hard not to hate, not to think of violence, but Barr so deserves to be prosecuted and imprisoned, is such a smug, arrogant little Jaba the Hut mutant, that I can’t help it.
This slimy traitor has been doing dirty tricks for the GOP for years.
I hope Kamala uses her prosecutor skills to put on these people in prison.
We can’t afford to let Barr get away with his many crimes.


Ah yes! Sedition. Brings back memories of charges against that guy 2000 years ago.


Have we ever that three administrations in a row with such unfit Attys General? Law is becoming a sick joke.


Barr’s urging of the charge of sedition for protestors might just be ultimate in irony. This slime-ball was the righthand man for CIA Dir. Casey in the 1980’s, and helped facilitate the transportation of huge amounts of cocaine for The Company, in the Iran/Contra scandal. You know, the cocaine that fueled the decimation of inter-cities, and poor neighborhoods all across the country. The fact that this piece of trash still has a law license is disgraceful, the fact he is the US AG is beyond belief. Doing the racist gop’s dirty work is peanuts for him. If ever a person deserved the charge of sedition, it’s Barr.


We should thank Mr Barr for making it very clear. The State is a White Supremacist and criminal State and progressives are the enemy of this State. Mr. Barr is exposing the true nature of the social/political power structure. I will not be surprised if the next step is to use the power of the State to attack progressives for our words and for our thoughts. In the eyes of this power structure, whether Democrat or Republican, advocating for structural change is sedition.

had, not that

Holder wasn’t a saint, but no way was he anywhere near as criminal as Barr. All you have to do is take a look at the legit progressive criticisms of Holder, and compare them to Barr, who believes Trump is a king, who ordered government goons to attack peaceful protesters, who makes speeches seeking to install a Christian theocracy, who refuses to comply with congressional subpoenas or testify honestly under oath, and who is a long-time GOP hit man and covert operative, and you can see the stark difference.
Barr is by far the worst attorney general we’ve ever had. Even Nixon’s attorneys general weren’t as bad as Barr.
It’s not useful to disseminate false equivalencies!


Just to split hairs… maybe closer to 2020 years ago. Given the number you’d think these guys might take the hint about the accuracy of hindsight with the rear view mirror. I think they must have soaped the glass and can’t figure out what squiggly images are that they can’t see…

How many trillions changed hands and how much damage was done to the citizenry as a whole via the 2008 crash caused by essentially securities fraud top to bottom, and who was prosecuted for it? Maybe there were others besides whistle blowers he prosecuted, but I can’t think of any right now.

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‘Tyrannical and Un-American’

No doubt… but a classic Trumpian stance… eliminate anyone apposed to Trump.

Barr is a disgrace as 1) An Attorney General; 2) A Catholic; 3) A Human Being.

He belongs in a prison cell


And we are to believe this administration will pardon Snowden? Pardon Assange no matter how much Trump has claimed, “I love Wikileaks!”?

Donald Trump and his cronies have made it clear that, if the Trump Party (former republican) isn’t defeated on November third, there will be combat-booted Storm Troopers goose-stepping throughout this country within four years and the 2024 election will probably never happen.

Techniques like information gerrymandering makes it impossible to protest effectively online so there needs to be a right to physically protest, or they will basically have the ability to silence all dissent invisibly.

Privatization of roads will require constant collection of location data to prevent fraud, discounts on healthcare insurance for the healthy and limiting of benefits to those without incomes high enough to disqualify but not so low that paying premiums is impossible, will enable the constant collection of location data to interpolate heartbeats, this adds up to a survaillance state more total than anything Orwell ever dreamed up.

Obama was like a moderate republican along with his AG----Trump is radical right supporting extra judicial killings of those on the left----and Barr is the enforcer.

The person who should be held accountable in the murder of Breana Taylor is the Judge who ok this warrant???

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The fact that Snowden is alive in Russia speaks volumes. Who is the real enemy? Novichok kills instantly, by the way. I don’t know how three people have survived it; who creates the narrative?

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No doubt. The GOP is now the Trump, Fascist, Party…