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U.K. Parliament Debates Trump Visit as Nation Rallies in Support of Immigrants


U.K. Parliament Debates Trump Visit as Nation Rallies in Support of Immigrants

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

While members of the British Parliament are debating whether or not to welcome Donald Trump with a state visit, people across the United Kingdom on Monday are taking to the streets to protest the anti-immigrant policies championed by the new U.S. president and the global far-right movement.


Why isn't Canada doing this? Why doesn't Ottawa look like the pics above???


Most likely because they don't want to F#€k up their chances of the United States building the Keystone XL Pipeline which will take their dirty tar sands oil.


Canadians are a bit jaundiced when it comes to the US. They've seen a lot of crazy down here. They have received refugees from the US for generations. Hard to get them to excited.


Tar sands oil production not a big issue right now. Given oil prices they lose money on every barrel.


That may be Trudeau's reason, but not Canadians. The great majority Canadians outside of maybe Alberta are opposed to the pipeline and Tar Sands exploitation.

You can express your displeasure with Trudeau's embrace of Trump here:


Alberta is called the Texas of the North, but is not at all like Texas politically.


That is not a very credible answer, the British are generally jaded eye-rollers regarding the
US as well.

To be sure, Canadians do suffer from a degree of excessive cordiality and frankly, a very limited history of, and even aversion to, vigorous organized protest - labor, antiwar, environment - aside from the First Nations People's activism. Even its most famous activists - Naomi Klein and Judy Rebick are USAn draft-refugee-diaper babies - and recall how they wagged their fingers at the vigorous direct-protest action against police cars at the G20 Toronto and at the the Mi'gma'gi peoples anti-fracking protest and blockades in New Brunswick.


Yes, but unfortunately, they are pro-oil-industry-paycheck.


Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth was overheard talking to one of her subjects about Donald Trump last night,
"Make it look like an accident, 007."

(The photo of the two of them in private conversation was much better than just the quote, but I couldn't get it to post here large enough for the text to be legible . . . )


Sounds to me that the people of the UK have no confidence in Theresa May. She should do the decent thing and offer to the Queen her resignation as Prime Minister as she has clearly made a bad decision as a Minister of the Crown..


I'm not clear on what you said about Naomi, et al. Could you rephrase that last passage?