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U.N. Security Council Takes “Historic” Stand on Killings of Journalists


U.N. Security Council Takes “Historic” Stand on Killings of Journalists

Kitty Stapp

When war breaks out, most non-combatants run the other way. But a handful of courageous reporters see it as their duty to tell the world what’s happening on the ground. And many pay a high price.

Since 1992, 1,129 journalists have been killed on the job, 38 percent of them in war zones, according to figures compiled by the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). And increasingly, they are being deliberately targeted.


Ah, so Samantha Power singles out fascist Columbia for taking positive steps in this regard, with their famous “19 measures.” We’ll see how far that goes. I wonder what Sam Power, and the UN Security Council for that matter, think about the murder of Michael Hastings? Oh, I forgot. We have a free press in the US.


Whenever I think of Michael Hastings, it reinforces my decision never to buy a “new” car, which apparently is so easy to remote control.

  • I think of the horror he must have felt, roaring down a road at close to a hundred, with no brakes, couldn’t turn off the engine, couldn’t steer, and couldn’t unlock the door.
  • I guess it must have been the CIA or the NSA protecting our freedoms again.


Don’t ever forget this name: Jose Couso


Where did you hear this about Michael Hastings? I would like to find out more.