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U.S. a Rogue State if Trump Gets Wish on Climate Deal, Says UN Envoy


U.S. a Rogue State if Trump Gets Wish on Climate Deal, Says UN Envoy

Nika Knight, staff writer

The United States will be a "rogue country" if President-elect Donald Trump successfully pulls out of the Paris climate accord, said United Nations envoy and international human rights advocate Mary Robinson to Reuters Sunday.


The U.S. is already a Rogue State with its extrajudicial murders, drone strikes, torture camp at Guantanamo, failure to hold war criminals accountable, criminalization of whistleblowers, and criminalization of journalism, so what is one more?


During the 20th century the US appeared to be a "rogue state". Appearance gave way to confirmation at the dawn of the 21st century.


And, if the US Fourth Reich is declared a rogue state and sanctions are voted in by the UN, the Reich will just use its Veto power in the Security Council to cancel it out, just as it does with every UN resolution against Israel's genocide of the Palestinians.


Maybe a more general BDS movement would be appropriate. Please Ireland and every other country, if you have U.S. Treasuries, dump them now. If businesses and individuals have money in New York banks, pull it out. Don't buy any thing Made in USA.



Thanks Po,
* I've been advocating BDS for a long time. It is proven to work with Israel. They are screaming like a stuck Kosher pig and trying to get their satellites like the Fourth Reich to ban BDS and any criticism of Israel by passage of laws.
* If We the People of the world would BDS all of the warmongering nations, the greedy nations, the greedy companies, the 0.001% could be quickly brought into line. Nothing panics a billionaire or trillionaire like a small decrease in their bottom line.
* The US Fourth Reich has been a rogue state for the whole twenty-first century, if not before. It is time for the world to act, including the subjects of the Fourth Reich, to turn this mess around.
* Remember, there are around six billion plus of us, vs about a busload of bil/trillionaires that own over 40% of the world's wealth and resources, and they want it all, now.
* I think We the People of the World can take it back, possibly non-violently, if we act.


I think it is somewhat more complicated since some US states and cities are regarded as world leaders in fighting climate change. There is much going on besides these international climate meetings. The US will still be a major player although it may not be the federal government that is involved. Obama has already played a major role in bringing the developing countries into the effort to reduce emissions. If Trump halts giving developing countries money for climate change mitigation and adaptation other countries will have to make up the difference or the whole effort will likely fall apart. The recent study showing we are on track to reach about 4-7C by the end of the century is alarming. If that analysis holds up it shows the situation is even more urgent than we thought. The effort to fight climate change will continue in the US with or without Trump because green energy is now much cheaper and coal is on its way out more most part so emissions in the US will decline. Perhaps worse than Trump are all the denier governors. If they were on board the effort would really take off. But they are probably the main obstacle to progress.


Watch you back when you say that, Po,
Both Saddam and Qaddafi were killed expressly for advocating something very similar: selling oil for Euros rather than US Dollars. This was the real reason for the US invasion and government overthrow in both countries.


Thanks for the reminder. Hey, if I stop posting, It's been fun. And Putin did not do it...

Ha Ha


Here's to you Mrs Robinson, who has been a shining light for peace and justice in the world.
The Paris Agreement is the only game in town. Check out what is really going on in Marrakesh right now - especially the groups focused on Carbon Drawdown.
"Don't agonize, organize"


I was just about to say the same thing: "When hasn't the US been a rogue state?" Personally, I think the UN should move to another country. Costa Rica sounds nice. Seriously, when was the last time the US even paid its UN dues? I agree with some of the others here that the world ought to turn its back on the US wherever possible. There's nothing that the US produces that folks can't get from elsewhere.


Good grief! When hasn't the United States NOT been a rogue country?