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U.S. Airwars Denounced by Recently Released Catholic Worker Grandmother


U.S. Airwars Denounced by Recently Released Catholic Worker Grandmother

Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)

The New York Times reports today: “At Least 17 Civilians Killed in U.S. Airstrikes, Afghan Officials Say.”

CNN reports: “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived for an unannounced visit to Baghdad on Friday.” AirWars.org reports the current U.S.-led bombing campaign has launched 7,724 strikes in Iraq over the last 610 days — resulting in at least 1,057 civilian deaths (in both Iraq and Syria).



(What Would We Do to Jesus?)


The quiet courage of a good soul that is determined to oppose injustice. Bravo to Ms. Flores and clear sighted decency.

What dishonor was brought to the Air Force that it would demean a measure designed to protect individuals from physical harm and invert it to protect the gigantic USAF from a grandmother talking photos of a few protestors. Is this the Air Force’s standard for courage? Moreover Americans have the right to protest and that too was trashed. How bizarre have we become where we subject people to imprisonment on incredible technicalities instead of supporting their rights as a free people? How truly shameful this was.

Ms.Flores can take heart as do many of us that people of good will have some heavy hitters coming up to bat these days. A change away from the destructive is happening in the world like never before. It is people like Ms. Flores who help inspire it.

Did they give that colonel a medal for bravery after his ordeal?