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U.S.-Backed Turkish Offensive in Syria Targets U.S.-Backed Kurds


U.S.-Backed Turkish Offensive in Syria Targets U.S.-Backed Kurds

Nika Knight, staff writer

Turkey has "launched a major military intervention in Syria," the Guardian reports, dispatching tanks and warplanes to purportedly reclaim the city of Jarabulus, currently held by the Islamic State (ISIS), and to attack Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria.


Who exactly formulates our foreign policy? That process seems to be going to the highest bidder.

Take Ukraine for example.
Between 2010 and 2014 the US had three different factions vying for power in Ukraine.
Lobbyist Jim Slattery was working for Obama and were pro-USA.
Lobbyists Paul Manifort and Rick Gates were working with the pro-Russian side.
The Podesta Group and Vin Weber's Mercury Group lobbyists were working with those Hillary chose as "the moderates."

All of these lobbyists were very well paid for their labor.

Is it any wonder that US foreign policy is in a shambles and nobody seems to know what to do next?


It appears the Empire has turned into a slobbering low grade imbecile and some other countries are waking up to that fact. If we were in another era, the media would be screaming about "who lost Turkey" but now that they are simply an arm of the corporate state, we don't even hear that. Washington sends in Joe Biden as if he can strong arm Erdogan just like in the good old days. One thing you shouldn't do is have a failed coup d'etat in a country as big as Turkey. I imagine Erdogan (and Assad), having watched Ghaddafi get a bayonet in his rectum and then beaten to death, has received a very clear message as to the depths of depravity the Empire has fallen.


Turkey under Erdogan is getting increasing incoherent, as well as US idiot "policy" under Obama & Co. I put nothing, regardless how corrupt, idiotic, self defeating, or criminal, beyond both Obama and Erdogan - I'll include our other "great ally", the terrorist Netanyahu as well!

Erdogan is pathologically obsessed with smashing any attempt by Kurds to repair the injustices of the West divvying-up the old Ottoman Empire giving the Kurds nothing but oppression ever since, especially from Turkey. Erdogan is also an Islamist, not a secularist as the government and non-sectarian state Attaturk built. Erdogan is a dictator/autocrat bent on smashing any opposition to his rule.

Erdogan is not trustworthy as an "ally" having only room in his mind for himself, as bloody-minded as the Saudis. He aided and allowed Daesh/ISIS to be supplied through Turkey - a Sunni Islamist "brother" to his own Sunni extremism. We would have done far better with Abdullah Öcalan as an ally, the same as we would have with Marwan Barghouti instead of the extremist racist Netanyahu.......also the Houthis rather than the war criminal Saudis.



Something smells very fishy here again, Turkey turned away from the US and made pact with Russia, Iran,and Iraq , closed NATO's airbase and now this? How is it that the US was backing the Kurds, now the US is joining Turkey to take back ISI held Syrian town. Syria has called it foul and an invasion of it's territory by foreign forces, I am very puzzled here, someone please explain this!


Right but there is no money in it for the military and the military contractors. As the saying goes "follow the money trail".


No likely "everything" would be a lie, we have many independent media sources, foreign sources opposed to the US corporate hegemony so they can't ALL be wrong, not likely.


This should give you an indication.......http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-08-20/leaked-memo-proves-soros-ruled-ukraine-2014-minutes-%E2%80%9Cbreakfast-us-ambassador-pyatt%E2%80%9D

From the article....Soros and his NGO executives held detailed and extensive meetings with just about every actor involved in the Maidan coup: from US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, to Ukraine’s Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Health, and Education.
The only person missing was Victoria Nuland, though we are sure those meeting minutes are waiting to see the light of day.

US Ambassador Pyatt hands over full control to George Soros, and point blank asks him, “what USG should be doing and what the USG is currently doing.”
Soros’ response is stunning, “Obama has been too soft on Putin.”

Ambassador: Asked GS for a critique of US policy and his thoughts on what USG should be doing.

GS: Will send Ambassador Pyatt copies of correspondences he previously sent to others and his article in NY Review of Books. Obama has been too soft on Putin, and there is a need to impost potent smart sanctions. He noted the need for a division of labor between the US and the EU with the US playing the bad cop role. The USG should impose sanctions on Russia for 90 days or until the Russian government recognizes the results of the presidential elections. He noted that he is most concerned about transitional justice and lustration.


If the US claims to back you

You'd best watch your back


There is nothing at all 'incoherent' about seeing through one's objective of rendering Syria a basket case failed state just as was achieved with Iraq and Libya. The axis of evil - the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia have achieved their desired outcomes with extraordinary efficiency.


This makes a lot of sense to me, understanding that the prime objective of our government is to trash a lot of material and weaponry to keep the armament industry going, so that we, the hapless tax payers can pay for the replacement and keep the pockets of the 0.1% filled with green stuff.
Who cares who fights against whom, as long as the profits come rolling in.
And if there is lots of collateral damage to lives of women and children, who cares, they are not of "their kind".


Turkey hates Kurds.

Kurds hate Isis.

The USA hates Isis.

The USA loves Turkey.

Russia hates Isis.

The USA hates Russia.

Russia loves "Assad".

The Kurds hate "Assad".

The USA hates "Assad"'.

Isis hates "Assad".

Iran loves Assad.

Iran hates Isis.

The USA hates Iran.

Saudi Arabia loves Isis.

The USA loves Saudi Arabia.

Turkey hates Iran.

Russia loves Iran.

Iran hates Isis.

I think that's about right, isn't it?


Would it not be nice if the USA had no foreign policy and just remained in the USA?


Apparently one of the people from whom Clinton in particular was taking advice and possibly direction regarding the Ukraine and NATO was George Soros. This is as per documents published by Wikileaks.


Thanks for the kind words. I am sort of confused as to whom the black hats really are, though I believe that one should believe that they start with ISIS................And of course Russians have to wear black-hats as that is traditional, way back to the 1840s.

The shifting sands of the desert have nothing on events in the Middle East.


Fantastic :slight_smile:


The truth is indeed more strange than fiction. I wonder what Hollywood could make of it.