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U.S. Bank to Stop Funding Pipelines as Divestment Movement Expands Worldwide


U.S. Bank to Stop Funding Pipelines as Divestment Movement Expands Worldwide

Nika Knight, staff writer

As a nearly ten-days-long global mobilization calling for divestment from fossil fuels comes to an end, climate campaigners are celebrating a major victory stateside: U.S. Bank has announced that it will no longer finance fossil fuel pipeline construction.


Wow maybe my church will grow beyond its stance on abortion. As an eighty year old Roman Catholic alter boy wantobe I can always hope. Maybe it will crawl out of the old testament into the sunshine of the 21st century.


Your remark is really off topic, but I have to ask you not to malign the “old” testament. Opposition to abortion is just abiblical, period. Some of us Christians make a point of speaking of Hebrew and Greek testaments, rather than implying that Judaism needed to be “fixed.”


US Bank is a rowboat with a short history in one nation, compared to the Catholic Church being a battleship with a long history all around the globe.

its a lot easier to turn a rowboat than a battleship.


Back to the article - good for US Bank. The divestment movement continues to grow.


The Trump assault on Native American rights has another flank advancing: usurpation of lands
Trump’s attack on 27 national monuments has begun, and first on his hit list is Utah’s Bears Ears National Monument. [letter writing page link]

“It’s a sacred place with more than 100,000 American Indian cultural sites. As you know, five tribes (Hopi, Navajo, Ute Mountain Ute, Ute and Zuni) originally proposed the monument, and resolutions supporting its protection have been passed by 30 tribes in all.”


It’s borrowed time he is on!! Even if argued people certain districts aren’t happy with a particular progressive liberal. Liberals and Democrats aren’t the same. Just as a centrist republican from a moderate republican from a intellectual republican aren’t the same. It will change. Now that they are getting passaggressive towards dems the dems that voted republican will change over again I’m sure.