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U.S. Bombs Won't Save the Kids of the Middle East. Here's What We Can Do


U.S. Bombs Won't Save the Kids of the Middle East. Here's What We Can Do

Will Bunch

With so many crazy contradictions illuminated by the rocket’s red glare and the bombs bursting in air over Syria on Friday night — the lack of any coherent American or allied policy in that nation’s ruthless 7-year civil war, the lack of any leg


‘“There is no Trump doctrine. He’s watching TV a great deal, and when he sees images that are very disturbing, he wants to attack. The rest of the time, he’s not terribly engaged…”’

Just oh fucking shit. Oh fucking shit. Perhaps the revolution shall be caused by the televised. Oh fucking shit.


It’s my great desire to see Putin hack into all major TV networks during prime time, and play the “Pee” tape for all to see.


Seeing what happened in San Bernadino, Orlando, New York, Fort Hood, Niece, Cologne, London, Paris, and Ohio State University-----I think to advocate that we bring in thousands of Syrian refugees into this country is a major mistake. Simply go to the major Western European cities and walk though the immigrant sections from North Africa and the Middle East and decide if we want that here in the US. I think not.


Russian intelligence should do some black ops in Yemen.


To open our doors to refugees, one has to have empathy for others–something notably lacking in the likes of Trump (and my soon-to-be gone) “representative,” asshole Paul Ryan, admirer of Ayn Rand.


You have fallen for all that Trump bullshit about Muslims. WE have become the Evil Empire , not the Syrians . We destablized the entire Middle East with the invasion of Iraq, which we destroyed Refugees are the result. But we wont take any responsibilty for that.


It took a long time for the article to come up with actually “solutions.” They are both delusional and pathetic and basically rely on our “ally” Saudi Arabia to take in more Syrian refugees (despite the fact that they are prime movers against the Assad dictatorship) and making nice with Yemen because they are not using U.S. blood money correctly.

Pathetic, delusional…and laughable. Even the late, great, George Carlin couldn’t make this kind of shit up. And Bunch is supposed to be “progressive.”


From the article:

“The Syrian refugee crisis presented an opportunity for the United States to demonstrate its global leadership…by increasing our then-paltry numbers of Syrian refugees that we accepted here”.

How about Liberals and Conservatives stop creating false flags, which creates disasters that Liberals can then pretend to be compassionate about.



Actually, “we” did not destroy Iraq with our liberation from Saddam Hussain. The people who destroyed Iraq were the radical Islamic terrorists and the surrounding Muslim countries of Iran, Syria, Pakistan, and Lebanon who provided the terrorists who came into Iraq to destroy the country. The USA destroyed virtually nothing and left a country that had plenty of infrastructure to the team of Al Queda, left over Batthists, and the armies of illegal foreign fighters came into the country and destroyed it.


I know it is traditional for journalists to complain about children’s well-being to create gushong sympathy when trying to make a point. However. All people are important. Little children need mommies and daddies and teachers. Towns need leaders and big strong men to rebuild their cities. Children need people to go to school to make their country stronger amd healthier.

And the picture shows people who were having trouble breathing when the basements and tunnels they were staying in had shelling.