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U.S. Bows Out After Plowshares Conviction is Vacated: Appeals Court Ill-Informed on Nuclear Overkill


U.S. Bows Out After Plowshares Conviction is Vacated: Appeals Court Ill-Informed on Nuclear Overkill

John LaForge

The 2012 Transform Now Plowshares anti-nuclear action made the “Fort Knox” of weapons-grade uranium look like “F Troop.” Three senior peace activists got through four chain-link fences and past multiple “lethal force” zones before stringing banners, spray-painting slogans and pouring blood on the Highly-Enriched Uranium Materials Facility, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee – all without being noticed by guards.


If I only had a brain …


Fascism progresses when judges behave like “Little Eichmanns.”

This is a careerist fool, not a judge:

"The trial judge, Amul Thapar – after first forbidding any expert defense evidence or testimony regarding the outlaw status of nuclear weapons production – played his part and waited for the inevitable default convictions (on sabotage and damage to property), then ordered senior citizens jailed pending sentencing because, he said, the technical terms of the charge fit the definition of a “federal crime of terrorism.”


The courage of Peace! It is also the courage of faith which many progressives deny plays a big part in progressive resistance to the powers that be. Progressive religious people like in the Plowshares Movement are not rightwingnut fundamentalists and some supposed progressives need to stop thinking with a biased perspective.

Sadly they served more time than necessary. Such does a non violent ‘crime’ becomes politicized when a ‘judge’ serves injustice instead of dispensing justice. My guess an appointed judge?


And “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…”


Veterans For Peace salutes the courage of these resisters.


Who should be sacked and disbarred.


All federal judges are appointed.


Welcome out of prison and many thanks for your efforts. I only wish the place where you will be released was a place of freedom.


Something that would be good to change.


“The trial was a kangaroo, Kabuki dance…”

That sums it up!


A dangling participle. But I could not agree…more!