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U.S. Healthcare System Culls the Wheat from the Working Class Chaff


U.S. Healthcare System Culls the Wheat from the Working Class Chaff

Donna Smith

Americans are an oddly and beautifully diverse lot, but the healthcare industry has us all figured out. For decades now, maintaining control over American lives and any vestige of the American dream has become increasingly the purview of big business. And no one relishes and maintains more direct control over the health and safety of every American life than the healthcare industry.


I had to purchase tubes for a flat tire today at War-Mart and I saw at least 8 people who were more obese than cattle.

Advertisers have seduced millions to eat unhealthy foods for decades now. The “Fast Food” industry, in particular, has made a LOT of people–including kids fat.

A friend of mine lived on her sailboat off the coast of Belize for a time. A licensed massage therapist, she had some clients in order to meet her meager costs of living. She laughed when she told me one was in (as profession) “Industrial food.”

How much in the way of sugar, corn syrup and other additives are embedded into foods?

Then there’s the question of how much genetic tampering by the likes of Monsanto?

How much pesticide/insecticide/herbicide residue from the likes of Dow Chemical and subsidiaries of Bayer aspirin (those associated with the lethal gas used in the Nazis’ concentration camps)?

People are being MADE unhealthy AND obese. And the combination leads to Depression, another epidemic.

Then there are the Cancers. The autism that MANY (myself, included) recognize comes from the vaccine overload poured into babies’ bodies.

The point being that the TREATMENT side of the medical equation which Donna Smith aptly references is only half of the story. The other half is what’s making people so unhealthy.

It takes a lot of self-discipline to eat a healthy diet and good, healthy food costs more than the instant crap. That means those in low-wage positions can’t often afford it.

The following paragraph is true. But it only looks at PART of the health-care equation:

“The MFIC includes all the obvious suspects – the for-profit health insurance industry, big Pharma, medical device manufacturers, the giant hospitals and providers’ groups, and the collection agencies and financiers who keep the flow flowing.”

Just as the MIC and its many bloated weapons’ developers require wars to make their profits (and keep the War Business in the black), the health care apparatus requires sick people.

Disaster Capitalism never had so many disturbing conditions to capitalize upon at once. And so many of them are engineered!


“And dental insurance? What a joke, and what a racket. We pay $50/month for that coverage too, and my teeth are slowly rotting away. We cannot afford to do root canals and crowns, so once they hurt too much or once they get infected, my teeth get pulled.”

The U.S. does not have a monopoly on dental or medical health care.

When I sat in the waiting room at a clean, extremely efficient dental clinic in Costa Rica it was full of both Americans and Canadians. Contrary to what many may think, Canadians only get the basics: like cavities filled.

I talked to at least 30 people (on several trips) and wrote down my findings. I wrote an article on the subject and pitched it to airline in-flight magazines but so far, no sale.

One man from Jacksonville, Florida was price-quoted $42,000 to get his whole mouth done in nice caps. It cost him $18,000 in Costa Rica.

A man from Canada who had a heart condition that required that the dental clinic call in an Anesthesiologist required 15 implants. At about $4000 per implant (with cap) in most states within the U.S., do the math: $60,000. But in Costa Rica, even with the anesthesiologist ($500 a pop) the dental work cost him about $17,000. ($1000 per implant.)

I met a couple that flew down from New York and paid less than $400 round trip airfare, and heard the same from a guy in San Diego and someone else from another part of Florida.

Years ago when I was in Singapore, I learned of people who were going to India to get hip and knee replacement surgeries.

If America’s inflated “health” care system is priced OUT of the market, there ARE options.

Notice how the same bull shit operates with drug costs.

A drug that might sell for $1000 here could be $10 in India.

The film “Sicko” showed how Cuba operates on a low scale… cost-wise, but provides quality care (as you know firsthand, Donna).

I don’t have health insurance. What I do have is the motivation to get daily exercise and follow a careful diet.

For years I thought yogurt was healthy but came to learn it is not healthy for me.

The medical field is always slow to acknowledge any iconoclast who sees beyond orthodoxy, and Dr. Diadamo is one of those. He pioneered blood chemistry studies that show that individuals should eat according to their particular blood type.

Since I began following this diet, my blood pressure has come down somewhat and I lost 10 pounds. Easily.


I’ve long been an admirer of your work, and I agree with all that you say here except this:

“people are being euthanized for the sake of profit”

Being left to die is not euthanasia. Euthanasia means “good death”, and it implies that one is helped to die in a peaceful and painless manner. It would be a great blessing for many of us. But it’s illegal almost everywhere, and severely restricted even where it’s legal. This is purportedly because “life is sacred”, but I’m sure it’s really because life is profitable and death is much less so.


Sarah Palin’s 2008 forecasting “death panels” was off base only because “euthanization for the sake of profit” had already been in progress for decades.


Allowing sick people to die for lack of money or insurance is legalized murder, much more so than legalized abortion. Isn’t it odd that none of the people who oppose abortion seem to have a problem with that though?


Problem is that the major reason this happens is that the health care industry has purchased “protection” from governments (state and federal) to be able to charge whatever it wants. This started back in 1938 when the Roosevelt administration created the FDA and gave doctors a legal monopoly over access to medical drugs. A monopoly that they have found quite profitable too.

So far the Democrats have done nothing to make things better for all of us. Obamacare is a rip off for most people as it is really nothing more than a “major med” policy that forces you to spends at least several thousand dollars before it starts paying anything. Whereas previously people could purchase coverage for the sort of things most people seek medical attention for. The only people who did gain from Obamacare were those who could now get Medicaid, which did help those who could qualify for it. And of course the Republicans have done nothing since to them the only people who “matter” are those who earn high enough incomes to pay for what care they need.


Actually the “pro-life” people aren’t really “pro-life” since they only care for those not yet born. Once born, you are “on your own” so far as they are concerned…


Yeah, when you have your next heart attack, shop around for the best deal on treatment. No hurry. Libertarian philosophy is nothing more than 9th grade sophistry and No True Scotsman fallacious reasoning.


I was told when I was in my twenties that the reason suicide is illegal is because it would deprive the state of taxes. Alas, the real reason is much worse. This is a damned system, but it will not change unless it fully and completely implodes. And THAT won’t be pretty. In fact, we - as a collective whole - may not survive it.


Yes, I know that and you are so right! We might as well just face the truth that no one really gives a shit about anyone anymore, not like when I was growing up.It is really scary when I think abut it.


Siouxrose: sorry to be way off topic but you said:
“I had to purchase tubes for a flat tire today at War-Mart…” Tubes for a flat tire? There haven’t been tubes for car tires for many years. Car tires are normally tubeless. Or I should say, that I haven’t had to deal with inner tubes for car tires for like forever…50 years.


Actually in Canada Dental care is not covered by the Health Insurance program.

If you are a child you can get it dependent on family income but most people pay their own way or get it through work. Some provinces have programs that provide it for low income families.

I do think the Province of Quebec has some sort of program that covers all Children.

It interesting that in the original commission that was formed to look at implementing a health care act, dental care was to be included. The Dentists lobby was quite vocally against it. They claimed that caring for ones own teeth was something every individual could do on their own through regular checkups, flossing and brushing and so a national plan not warranted as it would encourage poor dental hygiene. The Commission decided they would look at adding it at a later date.


Take profit out of healthcare!




Exactly. The upper classes don’t want to deal with us anymore, they have theirs. They realize how to solve the resource problem is at the source. They want us to die because we are no longer necessary. They want us to have rope, they want us to starve, they want us culled from their manifest destiny. A good plague would do nicely as long their families had the vaccine.


Actually the problem I have with Obamacare is that it has a small effect on healthcare itself. Most people refer to it as a healthcare reform while, in fact, Obamacare is directed at modifying the health insurance industry. By accepting these minor changes to their rules the health insurance industry has gained the reward of mandated universal coverage. A true healthcare reform would begin by eradicating the stifling, restrictive, useless, health insurance industry and replacing it with free Medicare For All. We would all be rid of an unneeded expense that has one purpose - the transfer of millions of dollars from the bottom of the economic heap to the top.


Fruit flavoured yoghurt. Commonly as much as 28% sugar.

From 1939 to 1954 food in the UK was rationed and the quality of food was controlled by the government. It was a fairly bland, dominantly vegetable type of diet with limited meat and eggs. It produced a healthy generation. Instant coffee and white sliced bread began being advertised in 1955 and since then we have never looked forward. Though I am no vegetarian…


US health-care system. An oxymoron.


Big Pharma needs to die a very painful and ugly death! That I have to pay over $250 a month for MEDICARE is criminal and that I still get extra charges, pisses me off no end. And that we have call them up and defend our needs is just pathetic. Heads need to roll because we are constantly being played for suckers. These pricks are always gambling with OUR money. THIS ISN’T A FUCKING GAME ANYMORE, GODDAMN IT!!!