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U.S. Hosts Arms Bazaar at White House Arab Summit


U.S. Hosts Arms Bazaar at White House Arab Summit

Thalif Deen, IPS News

UNITED NATIONS (IPS)—When the United States sells billions of dollars in sophisticated arms to Arab nations, they are conditioned on two key factors: no weapons with a qualitative military edge over Israel will ever be sold to the Arabs, nor will they receive any weapons that are not an integral part of the U.S. arsenal.

But against the backdrop of a White House summit meeting of Arab leaders at Camp David this week, the administration of President Barack Obama confessed it has dispensed with rule number two.


A fitting titile for the picture above. “The Faces Of Evil”


President Arms Sales In Chief and his clerks once again devoting all the US resources to making Wall Street “too big to avoid economic disaster” pedallers happy.

"According to Colin Kahl, national security advisor to Vice-President Joe Biden, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) flies the most advanced U.S.-made F-16 fighter planes in the world.

“They’re more advanced than the ones our Air Force flies,” he told reporters at a U.S. State Department briefing early this week, without going into specifics."

And never forget that sales clerks will tell you any lie it takes to get you to buy. They are particularly good as saying what you most want to hear. Any brainless moron who believes the US sells to another military more sophisticated weaponry than the US has is truly a world-class brainless moron.

But, hey, in the US if anybody in the “white house” says it, it must be true. Thus the immovable religious adoration of ‘white’ in US culture. Even white houses are superior to any other color of house.


Can’t wait to buy my next 20 solar panels. So much tax money theft, so many wars and killings only to preserve the profits of the Anglo/American oil giants in the middle east.


The war merchants should pay a very hefty tax for profits based on killing.


Can arms sales profits help us find meaning in life?



I’m off to Bernie Sander’s website to find out his pubic position on this MIC profiteering meetup by Barack.

Yes yes yes, his other positions are just great, so much so that it really shouldn’t matter to me as a “progressive pragmatist” that he supports the ongoing manufacture of the F-35 estimated to ultimately cost one trillion USD.

I should stay quiet on this to help him win. Mum’s the word.


The TPP is also an arms bazaar. US may have off-shore manufacturing, but weapons and guns are still our number 1 product. Tax payers pay to research and develop them. After a short time those “used” weapons are sold second hand by the arms merchants who have power over all of government. They is why Netanyahu can call in his orders to the Department of Defense and ignore President Obama.


Bernie Sanders is Jew whose family came from Poland. He is nothing like the 1% GOP/DEMS who earn their living selling slightly used weapons for their personal profit. Sanders is the only honest candidate running for President.


Go along with the war machine or get the JFK, MLK, RFK treatment.


Silly Me! I thought this summit was about peace in the Middle East!


Having lost 3 generations to the fascists and thinking we are now under fascism in the US, I do give Sanders a break mostly because he has a brain and is the most honest of the candidates. I don’t give a toss about you not giving a toss.


The goofy smile of a death merchant sees through the glazed eyes of a perverted child turned to killer president for fun and profit.

There is also a picture somewhere of the feeble minded ancient old war monger senator from Arizona wearing the same pasted on goofy smile while enjoying a meal with gestapo saluting nazis as they prepared to destroy democracy in Ukraine.

Black suits are not leaders, they are corporate zombis who have sold their soles to the devil.


No, it’s objectively true. It’s called the F-16E/F Block 60, and it’s used exclusively by the UAE. Israel also operates a version, the F-16I, that is augmented by a bunch of Israeli upgrades that is more advanced than what the USAF uses. The F-16 has gotten long in the tooth, and the US has decided to start phasing it out in favor of the F-35 rather than continue upgrading it.

Which is a terrible idea, since the F-35 is a piece of crap, but that’s a separate issue.