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U.S. Is Complicit in Child Slaughter in Yemen


Since the USA is helping KSA, the Russians & Chinese should support the Houthis in Yemen.


And so many US citizens still think Obama was a great POTUS! Face it, Amerika is, and has been, all of my life time ( since Vietnam) in a conflict murdering people all over the world.


If we don’t reign ourselves in, a world weary of being targeted for all manner of mistreatment and now, slaughter of kids, will likely, at some point, do it for us and it won’t be pretty. Having 17 security agencies is just paranoid. Perhaps the powers-that-be should be paranoid, with the way they treat people around the world. It’s nothing I would wish for and the world has shown great restraint. We are running out of time for non-violent change from within. There will likely come a tipping point where violent change will be imposed upon us from without. We should be dreading that day.


Yes, as US citizens there is blood on all our hands.



I have written to my Michigan Senators twice about the license to kill given to Saudi Arabia with weapons produced by American “defense” companies. I received polite replies back both times. One of them has addressed the Senate about the conflict. The other is a member of a bipartisan group of senators who meet to discuss the conflict. While the giant corporations named in the article profit from the Yemeni war, I cannot stop the next shipment of the armaments they make to the Saudis., I could ask under whose authority does the United States government act; the people? I could send protest letters to the international criminal court asking them to indict whoever is responsible for the slaughter of innocents; no courtroom can hold all US citizens. I could shake my fist at the sky and ask why oh why god is letting this happen; no answer will I hear. The United States and its allies can do pretty much whatever it wants to in a small, defenseless country like Yemen. Who or what can stop them? This is the amoral world of 21st century war. Who will answer for the next Yemeni child who dies of starvation, cholera, or a missile strike on a school bus? This is a question without an answer. I cannot accept “no one”.


And this is why Yemeni children die?


Really, the grand old party doesn’t care. Neither do the donkeycrats. This is war without end amen. I’m making like Pontius Pilate; clean hands.