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U.S. Military Now Says ISIS Leader Was Held in Notorious Abu Ghraib Prison


U.S. Military Now Says ISIS Leader Was Held in Notorious Abu Ghraib Prison

Joshua Eaton

In February 2004, U.S. troops brought a man named Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badry to Abu Ghraib in Iraq and assigned him serial number US9IZ-157911CI. The prison was about to become international news, but the prisoner would remain largely unknown for the next decade.


If I recall correctly there were reports a few years back that ISIS had its inception in the US-run torture prisons in Iraq, where its eventual leaders made the necessary plans and contacts.

Anyone got links?


Gosh, who could have known that a little torture would turn a guy against us?

But considering how sensitive they were about getting bombed and invaded I guess we should have expected it.


Call it revenge, call it blowback, this is one pissed off MF. One day cons are going to piss off a guy with a nuke.


Nobody trains terrorists better than the US military.
School of the America's in Georgia.


The training probably followed the torture.


I would suggest not calling them ISIS simply because it is the name of a Pagan goddess. IS or ISIL is acceptable.


The US Military and its research arm DARPA are testing new technologies to remotely monitor , and control individuals through the use of what they call "smart dust".

On their website it suggested they are testing this technology on prionsers at GITMO.

A new Department of Defense article, Implantable “Neural Dust” Enables Precise Wireless Recording of Nerve Activity, explains mounting evidence that many self-identified innocent Targeted Individuals (TIs), including those at Guantanamo Bay Detention Center, present regarding “remote torture”. DARPA’S new article backs the hypothesis that TIs are among the first wave of neuro dust brain implanted techno-tortured subjects in an experiment involving controlling their minds to change their behaviors. These non-consensual human experimentees try to convince the public of being remotely tortured to no avail. Many have taken their complaints to President Barack Obama through his Ethics Committee – to no avail. Instead, Obama has requested that more military research be conducted. The President’s FY2017 budget request for DARPA is $2.97 billion.

There can be other reasons these people are allowed to walk. I doubt it was a bungle at all.

The article above shows what your Military is up to and it absolutely frightening. Keep in mind the military claims they only wish to use this technology for good.


I wrote this a dozen years ago. Sadly, still true.
OUR lives are so preoccupied with terrorism in its many forms. I have had no use for terrorism by anybody. I had many arguments with IRA supporters as I branded them as cowards. If you want to war on someone, you do not do it by blowing up women and children in shopping malls.
Sadly enough, as the various groups have gone on for generations in their hatreds, terrorism has become an end rather than a means. Some “world leaders” began as terrorists. The problem is that, when they got old enough to realize that more could be gained by negotiation than by slaughter, their own sides killed them as traitors.
I’ve tried to get into the mind of a terrorist to see what makes him tick. With empathy, you can understand him, but you cannot forgive him.

	**_I am a Terrorist_**

I am a terrorist.
Where I come from does not matter.
Who I kill and maim is unimportant.
Only the end justifies the means.

Sometimes I am the tool of the State.
I may snipe for the military,
Or be a clandestine operative
Sowing fear and dissension for my country.

I may kill for God, Jehovah, Allah, or Kali,
Out of revenge or to smite the infidel.
Or to demonstrate that my God is the stronger
Or that my might ensures my cause is right.

I may have drifted into this life,
Or had it thrust upon me
By loss of family or loved ones,
Blasted and burned by “them.”

Some people wish to solve these problems
By diplomacy, by talk, by compromise,
But they are weak and beneath contempt.
The only way is to kill and kill and kill!

We kill our own if they negotiate.
We kill the others because they exist.
We kill in memory of our dead.
Our lives have no other value.

Some speak of love, home, children,
But I have none of these, they are long dead.
Once my heart had caring and love, but now
My heart is made of fire, ice and stone.

I kill without thought.
The enemy is not human,
Just a thing to be destroyed.
That is what I do.

		Steve Osborn
		22 April 2004



We have just made friends all over!


you torture a man, you take away his dignity, you kill his friends and family..........

You have just created a FREEDOM fighter
You have just created a PATRIOT
You have just created a George Washington, BenFranklin, ThomasJefferson


The oligarchy doesn't intend for us to make friends. There's no money in peace. At least not for them.
The oligarchy wants us to hate each other and kill each other. That's where the money is. For them.
Weapons are a very lucrative business. So it follows that what the oligarchy wants is war after war........


I don't think they expect different results. I think the results are just what they expect and the results produce profits. It's kind of like cancer and diabetes, if they cure the diseases the profits will dry up.