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U.S. News Headlines on Israel-Palestine Show Systemic Bias: Study


U.S. News Headlines on Israel-Palestine Show Systemic Bias: Study

Murtaza Hussain, The Intercept

"The findings demonstrate a persistent bias in coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian issue—one where Israeli narratives are privileged and where, despite the continued entrenchment of the occupation, the very topics germane to Palestinians' day-to-day reality have disappeared," says Owais Zaheer, a co-author of the study.


There was a live weapons testing pogrom by Israel in Gaza in 2014. By doing it live, Israel gets lots of free publicity for the weapons and methods used.


How many ways are there to say “Duh?!” This has been going on since the Nakbah started after WW2.



The “bias” shown (really a servitude and support) by US media is just one aspect of the decades or pre-meditated subversion of our republic by Israeli and its right-wing racist regimes. The destruction of the Fourth Estate’s roll in our democracy/republic that is central to any so-called democracy has been accomplished over tiem to serve, not the public’s right to know, but private interests, opaque government secrecy, and exploitation including for-profit wars of choice that have stolen trillions from our civilian nation - a vast effort/conspiracy to swindle the public and civilian society to enrich a few and war-machine by a loose affiliation of players to rob society. A theft and “Grand Con” of such proportions that make people deny its reality!
" How was I so innocent? And so many generations of men and women: how could they have been so stupid, so unperceptive? Simple enough. A fraud so large cannot be comprehended: the idea is rejected. " - Jack Vance

“Freedom of the Press” is not a slogan to justify any diversionary fluff, a presidents ignorant malignant rantings or lies, or overt propaganda rubbish to be spread, but the independent unaffiliated un-compromised medias ability and requirement to print/speak truth…the whole truth that reaches all the people.

Not only has US media been notoriously corrupted to suppress Palestinian efforts to gain their civil and human rights, and sovereign statehood, and resist oppression and ethnic cleansing, but to enhance the racist propaganda of Israel, a tool they have taken full advantage of and gained treasonous support in the US Congress via the subversion of Israel and its agent AIPAC.

In addition, the subverted/bought-up/corrupted US media has supported the vulture capitalist model and military “defense” narratives among many others. Suppression’s of free speech and truthfully informing the public (absent the BS telling “both sides” lies so prevalent) as a vibrant independent Fourth Estate once did; now a pathetic shell and propaganda mechanism/tool for many special interests and profits above all else.


This is, for the Palestinians, like having to watch your next door neighbor erect his fence 20 feet deep into your back yard. And by the by, if you protest that move you could be shot by said neighbor without them being punished, and leaving you no redress.

If three major countries bombed the shit out of Israel it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest.
After all, we in this country have been conditioned to not give a shit about all those we have killed since Korea.




That the Daily Mackerel Wrapper, excuse me, I mean the New York Times is a racist entity, as well as the rest of the corporate media should be obvious to anyone with a minimal ethical inclination. I’ve noticed lately that it’s en vogue among the Israeli Firsters to start screaming “anti-semite” at anyone proposing that Palestinian babies are actual human beings. Kind of like Mississippi circa 1915. Oh but those Liberals are so tolerant. Hypocrisy abounds.




Are there groups that help fund Iran’s support of the Palestinians? Is that something watched by our security agencies?
Since Trump is on the verge of being charged with treason, it’s a pertinent question.


Okay sorry if I seem too simple minded however my question is: Why is Israel so powerful particularly in the United States and England?
What do we gain by feeding this Israel monster that has been for many decades devouring our economy, robbing our treasury and killing our democracy.


The New York Times----another decade of disgracing itself in favor of murderous empire. Such an unreadable heap of shit.


Watch the documentary “The Lobby” to understand how and why Israel has so much influence in America.


The world is littered with the graves of those who believed they could control the world, buried right next to their collateral damage


The US has never been a neutral arbiter in Palestine-Israel conflict.


Study reveals a blinding flash of the obvious.


I absolutely sympathize with the ‘never again’ mentality that animates so many Zionists.

But Israel resorting to the same ethnic cleansing that they were victimized by is truly repulsive.
So is the concept of a theocracy practicing apartheid.
So is a nuclear-armed government with an extremist posture.


Sadly we are just pawns readily knocked over at will by the power brokers that control the money and the secrets.
Short of a complete revolutionary take over of the present government apparatus we can do next to nothing as citizens of America.
Israel- Palestine considerations by the U.S. don’t involve interested folks. We are shut out.


no big surprise here, but so glad to see it clearly stated for all to see!


Sure but how big a readership has the intercept and I suspect that their readers already are familiar with Israel-Palestine-Bias by the government and their minions. What is needed is pushback on many other sources and etc


Hi timber: I suppose it’s because so many people like Senator Schumer care more about Israel than they care about America. If people in positions of power totally support Israel, then media of all types says nothing about actual facts.
I marvel when people talk about the 50 years of building Israel…well it’s actually been 70 years of erasing the Palestinians. In April of 1947 or maybe it was 48, read up on what happened in Deir Yasin, a Palestinian village-----and neither America, England nor Israel cared about the Palestinians then—and they still don’t. Lots of people have lived in Palestine, and it is the home of many- since ancient times -------I’m sorry that so many only believe Israel----but it’s been 70 years since this travesty began—and sadly many in America, like Schumer, want to make it a crime for Americans to support BDS. Hard to imagine , isn’t it, that a foreign nation that takes so much American money can even rewrite the 1st Amendment---- : (