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U.S. NGO letter to President Obama on Climate Negotiations in Paris


U.S. NGO letter to President Obama on Climate Negotiations in Paris

US Climate Justice Groups

The following is an open letter sent to President Obama from environmental, social justice, faith, consumer and partner organizations as he departed the ongoing UN climate talks in Paris on Tuesday.

Dear President Obama,


This letter makes a lot of good points but doesn't mention that renowned climate scientist James Hansen says that the 2C goal is a disaster and recommends a goal of around 1C because he believes it is extremely likely positive feedbacks such as thawing permafrost will be triggered just beyond 1C. I would like to see a qualifier used in recommending either the 1.5C or 2C target. The qualifier being assuming feedbacks are not triggered before 1.5C or 2C making it impossible to hold global warming to those temperatures. We need to talk more like scientists to actually explain the reality of what we are facing.


"Dear President Obama..."
"Respectfully Submitted..."

Given the advanced state of unfolding disaster, leadership in social justice, economic justice, environmental justice, climate justice movements, are far too "respectful" of the leadership of the nations and corporations who are "shoveling coal" into the accelerating engine, speeding the train of civilization toward the granite wall of ecological collapse. i appreciate they are seeking to be strategic in their rhetoric and approach, but bluntness is called for.

We need to be simultaneously developing confrontational, interventionary, direct-action campaigns that cause real problems for the operational functioning of the massive, omnicidal death-machine.


Good letter but so typical of mainstream/Big Green environmentalism. Keep the spotlight on the fossil fuel industry while ignoring agribusiness, the ten billion animals per year slaughtering industry which produces more greenhouse gases than all other industries combined. The people who run these Big Green NGOs are meat eaters and these NGOs receive funding from the animal slaughter industry and that's why they keep the finger pointed at the fossil fuel industry. The fact that these NGOs will publish "eat your veggies" articles from time to time doesn't change that fact. It just gives them a CYA when people like me complain of their never-ending campaign against fossil fuels while ignoring the elephant in the room, as this letter does. Yes, fossil fuels need to remain in the ground but shrinking agribusiness is much more important. Self-professed environmentalists should participate in Meatless Mondays as a bare minimum.


You are correct; a more blunt approach is needed. That's why I choose sharp language when denouncing agribusiness and the phony environmentalists who support it. Nice talk, like please eat your veggies, is totally ignored. You have to call out the phony environmentalists/progressives as world class hypocrites to get their attention. Of course they retaliate with a barrage of insults but that lets me know my comments have an impact that sweetness and light never produces.


i guess this helps explain why you keep doing it, but i believe there is an effective difference between bluntness - direct honesty about truth and facts - and insult - calling people names. Of course you will believe that the names you are calling people are simply the truth, so you and i will continue to go around on this matter.


Why, whenever I see Obama posing, am I reminded of Mussolini's stance, particularly in the way he worked his chin? Mussolini was not overly tall, and had to look pugnacious. But Obama is tall. Interesting.


As usual no mention of overpopulation and the need to reduce population growth. The global warming is a symptom of too many homo sapiens on the earth who are consuming way too much energy. I repeat, climate change is a symptom of the problem. We need to make family planning availability a priority as well as all the other necessary steps to reduce our climate problem. Social justice, environmental justice? When will that come about with a billion people hungry and making $2 a day. They can't afford contraceptives, so we need to give them to them.


Trump only needs a toothbrush moustache; and perhaps if he dyed his hair black as well..........If anyone should be a member of the Nazi Party, it is Trump.The sneering face and the ugly language and the appeal to the worst in people.


And fishy Fridays, as once demanded by the Catholic Church. Out of interest, I suggest you research the W2 rationing in the UK. It was a rather bland, low meat , low fat diet but people were demonstrably healthier for it when compared with the modern diet that is leading to widespread Diabetes Typo2 2 and the grossest of obesity.

As a dyed-in-the wool carnivore I do recognise your viewpoint, which is certainly interesting in respect of CO2/methane output and certainly has merit as our over-consumptive lifestyle also has us eating poor diets and throwing away a ridiculous excess of assorted food.


The problem with the assorted billions of poor people is that they have no support other than immediate family and this entails having 4 or 5 children. Feed them properly, house them properly, and p
provide security in respect of public health service and a pension, and they will reduce the number of children they produce. There is enough money in the world to do that, but it either ends up in Swiss banks or in the hands of the assorted militaries.