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U.S. Officials Risk Complicity in War Crimes in Yemen


U.S. Officials Risk Complicity in War Crimes in Yemen

Kristine Beckerle

A well being dug in a small village in Yemen was nearing completion last September when it was bombed by the Saudi Arabia-led coalition. The bomb hit the workers’ shelter, killing six men and wounding five others. When village residents went to help, the aircraft struck again. In all, at least 31 civilians, including 3 boys, were killed and 42 wounded. The well, which villagers had pooled their money to drill, was destroyed.


Risk complicity? Have you been hiding under a rock?


Half a world away and populated by dark skinned people with strange sounding names, Yemen is readily buried in our collective consciousness. Small wonder that Obama would feel free to personally call the then president of Yemen, and ordered him to keep an Yemeni investigative reporter locked up. This man was getting too close to uncovering Obama's complicity in ordering the erroneous bombing of a gathering of innocent civilians.