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U.S. Recognition of Israel’s Golan Annexation a Threat to World Order

U.S. Recognition of Israel’s Golan Annexation a Threat to World Order

Stephen Zunes

The Trump Administration’s decision to recognize Israel’s illegal annexation of the Golan Heights—Syrian territory seized in the June 1967 war—marks a serious violation of fundamental principles of international law. The inadmissibility of any country expanding its territory by force is a longstanding principle of the international legal order, enshrined in the United Nations Charter, U.N.

From the article:

“…a longstanding principle of the international legal order, enshrined in the United Nations Charter, U.N. Security Council resolutions, and repeatedly confirmed by the International Court of Justice.”

…for which the US and Israel have shown utter contempt, decade after decade, regardless of lives destroyed, opportunities wasted, and taxpayer dollars spent.


W is used as a distraction here, that easily manipulated amateur was used as an excuse by the Zionists to NOT negotiate with Syria. He is easily cited today as the reason Israel and Syria never came to terms over the Golan Heights. The Zionists NEVER contemplated negotiating territory away from their control. It would be interesting to see what aquifers and other natural resources are in the Golan Heights, Zionists always seem to be drawn to those first and foremost.

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"Russia, if you’re listening, if you find the 30,000 Ninjas that the People of the United States needs to put down our Authoritarian Takeover, please send them. You will be greatly rewarded."


The question here, for me, seems to be which tail is wagging this dog.

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Criminal birds of a feather, always flock together.
The birds here are Netanyahu and Trump, represented in the wild, according to ornithologists worldwide, as a hybrid species created by the mating of vultures and camp robbers ( gray jays ).
Of course, the parrot represents the Democratic position on the U.S-Israeli relationship. Schumer, Cardin, Pelosi, Hoyer, et al; can’t you just hear them in unison, " Benny want more crackers? "


Okay. We’ll add it to the list.

It’s a global mafia, comprising USA, Saudi, UAE, Israel, &c. A lot of ill-gotten gains flying over international wires, as with any large criminal organization. Lucky for them Rachel Maddow came along to inoculate their USA strongman from any investigations about anything. Thanks, Rachel.


I’ll second that request. Gather the storm.

When I saw the article’s picture i wondered why there was no house way up on the hilltop.

With Trump’s recognition of Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights, right wing Israelis, and their supporters, are pushing for Trump to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the West Bank - “Judea and Samaria”:

I wonder when someone will put an ad into an Israeli paper to sell Mar-A-Largo. That will be an interesting conundrum—since if Trump can sell another sovereign nation’s land-----I think he just opened up the floodgates on someone else taking over Mar-A- Largo.
This could be most interesting. : )

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Thanks…I needed a good pick-me-up this morning! Maybe we could specify the teenage mutant turtle kind.

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Can we stop blaming everything on Trump as if removing him will make all of this go away?
Western politicians selling off another sovereign nation’s lands is nothing new, it is how Israel was created in the first place, and once Trump is gone America will still remain the greatest threat to life, liberty and happiness everywhere.

The blowback for this one will be long lived.

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