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U.S. Senate Takes Aim at Endangered Species Protections for Gray Wolves in Wyoming, Great Lakes



I find it utterly sickening that the United States Congress (the legislative body of the greatest country in the world, remember) should not only condone, but actively encourage the slaughter of animals. And that under an act called the "Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act". It does seem to have been bipartisan (although 3-2 in favor of Republicans), but sporting? I don't think so.


Call it a tendency to greed gone haywire? There is a fatalism about the natural world where instead of seeking to preserve and restore it from what remains, instead we see a rush to use up the last of the best before that too is gone and you've missed your chance to grab at the last few pieces of it. Are polar bears numbers plummeting? Well then hurry before they are all gone so that you can take one of the few that remain for a useless trophy. A destructive fatalism about the very wildlife and nature that these so called sportsmen allege that they love. Cheney shot an endangered Sandhill Crane simply because they were so rare and doing so was a display of political power.

Btw that same fatalism may underlie the spread of fracking even though it poisons underground water supplies. To poison your own country's wells is most certainly a fatalistic outlook.

The fatalism of greed ... Carries over into other things besides money. Shooting endangered species that other people have spent long hours and much effort and expense to reintroduce for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone ... Is a form of selfishness and greed. These hunters do not care whether others can enjoy seeing wolves or polar bears but then greed never cares about anyone else.