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U.S. War Footing in Korea Remains Major Roadblock to Peace


U.S. War Footing in Korea Remains Major Roadblock to Peace

Gabe Murphy

North Korea’s cancellation of talks planned between North and South Korea is cause for concern, as is its suggestion that the U.S.-North Korea summit scheduled for June 12 could meet the same fate. But the greater causes for concern are the U.S.-South Korea war drills and a U.S.


South Korea is by far the most prolific manufacturer of flat panel screens. War on the peninsula would surely disrupt the production/distribution of this commodity and will therefore be resisted by the capitalistic string pullers. Sadly, this is the only practical reason I can keep hope for the situation as people, although also commodities, are fungible and in excess supply in the minds of those same capitalistic string pullers.


Maintaining “War Games” during Peace negotiations is a “Neanderthal brain” move.

You get what you give.

Trump and all his fellow Neanderthals, will be remembered as was Hitler.


The Trump Adm. may ask for " maximalist concessions " until the cows come home and Bolton can undermine negotiations until his walrus moustache hairs hang over his weak chin; but the NKRP’s counter-offer is the polite way of saying, " U R 2 Funny, Dotards!! ".
Trump thinks he’s a great dealmaker; wait until he, Pompous and Bolthead are counter-offered the opportunity to remove all U.S. troops from the Korean Peninsula. Which S. Korea, and others in the region, will support for complete and verifiable denuclearization. In the end Japan, China and S. Korea will have to kick in some big-time $$$ for NRKP modernization, too. Which they’re going to eventually have to do, anyway.
Trump’s true chances of a Nobel Peace Prize is a diplomatic inside joke, right? What’s next; after the debacle in Gaza and Israel this week, maybe he’ll share it with Benny " the peacemaker " Netanyahu? Give me a break, here.
The NKRP advisors and negotiators may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night. The U. S. needs to take a check up from the neck up, here. And, shut up and listen for a change. This so-called grand negotiation currently doesn’t advance anything, but it plays well domestically for the usual warmongering hordes.
The NKRP could care less about all that. They’ve been at this since Trump, Pompeo and Bolton were in diapers. Maybe, they think these guys still are?


“Many have rightly voiced fears that the Trump administration’s plan may be to come to the table with North Korea with unrealistic, maximalist demands so that it can claim that it tried diplomacy and diplomacy failed, making it easier to build a case for war.”

Exactly so! If the current “long-planned” “war games” were not seen by US planners or the trump nut cases as highly provocative and as undermining trust, then we are clearly led by idiots or liars…but this we know. Its apparent they planned to provoke NK and dis Kim, even as he was making unilateral concessions to trump & co. The fear is US aggression and abrogation of “deals” trump (and the US) is known for!

f the US really wanted a peace deal they would not act so arrogantly. The South Kopreans had better give the US a-holes a good talkin to, and be prepared to seek peace without their “help”…with help like this who needs intentional detructive undermining…


Only the most politically brainwashed and ignorant still believe the big lie that America really wants peace in the world. To paraphrase a Biblical quotation. The US says it wants PEACE, BUT THEY REALLY DO NOT WANT PEACE.

And I would add that U.S. war footing in the world remains, is and has been, a major roadblock to world wide peace.