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Uber Drivers Strike As Execs Make Millions Off IPO

Uber Drivers Strike As Execs Make Millions Off IPO

Negin Owliaei

With the ring of a bell, controversial former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick became a billionaire on Friday when the ridesharing company made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange. But while Uber execs former and current cashed in on the IPO, the drivers that actually build the company’s wealth won’t see nearly that kind of payout.

It seems that the only taxi in New York driven by a white guy is the"Cash Cab."
Is this the Texas version of latino’s working cheap, only it’s many diverse drivers in NYC?

I read about actual taxi drivers who drove for actual taxi companies. Are there any taxi cabs left anywhere? What happened to pole who had to buy those medallions in NYC?. I’ve also read that those drivers who take people to airports have to pay all the expenses on the company vans. I don’t know if that’s true either, but then I never remember hearing horror stories of things that happened to taxi riders, like I’ve heard horror stories about Uber .

Please stop calling it “rideSHARING.”

Absurdity of this strike and the whole concept of Uber drivers being disturbed by lack of benefits is quite remarkable. At first these very same drivers joined the unregulated subpar trained and sub par protected workforce as a counterbalance niche to taxi business. When taxi drivers protested Uber and alike services, the very same people who are on strike now, were on the other side of the debate! And it is understandable, than Uber drivers slicing the market share. Now that the market share is under Uber drivers realize the golden future miracle is a mirage.

Wanna more benefits and more job protection ? Go to taxi business.

Our exalted high-tech multi-millionaires are pulling a scam on everyone with their self-driving Futurama world nonsense. Uber piles lies upon deceit to one day own all the cars and rake it in as a monopoly Taxi operation. Bezos futureworld is “forced bankruptcy” for too many local small businesses.
Traffic will only get worse. Automobile manufacturers too are in on the scam, but not off the hook for
today’s crap cars (non-EVs) and improbably stupid future cars.
Funny thing how human survival today must include cars.
EV battery packs a portable power supply we shan’t have.
Why are GM/Ford cancelling hybrids? Here’s a rough rule of thumb:
1 Freight Truck or 5 Tesla ‘S’ sport coupes or at least 50 plug-in hybrids.
Battery Pack 550kwh Truck or 85kwh Tesla ‘S’ or 50 Ford Fusion 5kwh@100mpg.
GM/Ford want battery/power in luxury sedans and freight truck first and only.
That’s what you call a class action civil lawsuit waiting to happen.
We the People vs GM/Ford

Its noted Uber drivers didn’t mind undermining the taxi drivers, some of who would up killing themselves because they could no longer make a living.
The Uber drivers also undermined each ther, the strike largely fizzled as many would reason let the others go on strike and I could pick up more business - a classic “tragedy of the common” situation. My response is to simply avoid Uber.

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Oh man, and Medicare for All is the Uber of health care. There is a bigger picture here.