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Uber-Postmates Lawsuit Targeting New California Labor Law Decried as 'Greedy Scheme' Against Workers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/31/uber-postmates-lawsuit-targeting-new-california-labor-law-decried-greedy-scheme

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This is an extremely important point; Congress must pass a law to make it easy to form and join a union, such as EFCA. As important as it is to have a livable minimum wage, the easiest AND quickest way to east the vast income equality gap is to “redistribute” income in a way that is fair to workers and what could be fairer as having workers band together in unions for their own self interests.
I retired from a union job at FIFTY-FOUR yrs of age with a modest pension that allowed me to live in dignity. Bernie Sanders wants to pass legislation on this issue and it is long overdue to bring back the equity lost over the years between worker and employer.

Union yes!!!


These are nothing but neo-greed enterprises feeding on people’s total faith in technology as the solution to everything. After years of strict control and regulation over the taxi industry, how and why did San Francisco suddenly allow basically the same service to come in with little or no regulation? Seems like there might have been some big money flowing under the table because it really doesn’t make any sense.


I agree that the gig economy leads to poverty at the lower end, however, the exemptions in the bill make it clearly unfair and possibly unconstitutional. In my non-legal opinion it would be a violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. This law clearly, under the guise of helping lower income workers, is actually discriminating against those same workers.

The contractors who work for sub-minimum wage by choice are affected by the law while the vast majority of IT consultants, most making 6 figures, will be exempt. That’s ridiculous. Those high-paid workers are the ones who have to deal with laws all over the world where the definition of a full-time job is where you have only one contract, you report wherever your customers says, and perform the duties your customer requires. That’s the definition in most places of a fixed employee as opposed to a temptorary contract worker.

So I say change the bill and get rid of the exemptions or repeal it altogether. You see, if the high-wage earners had been maleffected by the bill, it would have never passed in the legislature in the first place.

Funny, how this always seems to be reported by freelance/ stringerwriters, written on spec; with precious little experience of “blue-collar” contingency, gig reality? I’d almost gotten up hope that Obama, who’s name was on that swell '07 Senate independent contractor misclassification law, would restock the federal Judiciary and prioritize W4 jobs, if only to save Medicare… and look like a “Democrat?” We were watching foreign, private equity owned, off-shored, undocumented 3rd party 1099 temp-worker gigs sweep through heavy industry, already decimating service gigs. First they’d come for our overtime, bargaining rights, worker’s comp, profit sharing, medical insurance, sick pay, unemployment and pensions…