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Uber Wants to Reorganize the Economy? Workers, Too, Can Play at that Game


Uber Wants to Reorganize the Economy? Workers, Too, Can Play at that Game

Laura Flanders

The global newswire Associated Press announced this January that it will no longer refer to the app-based cab-hail service Uber as “ride-sharing.”


Once again, if the issue is labor and the working class, there seem to be little interest in it among common dreams commenting community.


Uber is an instance of the piecework service economy – bad, naturally, for workers. But Uber is an injustice for passengers too, since it requires them to identify themselves. As an opponent of pervasive surveillance, I will never be a customer of Uber. I also won’t use the taxi drivers’ own app, because that all portable phones are tracked whenever they are connected.

I hope I will always be able to get a cab on the street and pay cash for the ride. And I hope I will be able to get a cab by phoning from a payphone, etc.

See stallman.org/uber.html and


One of the most vile of ’ frat boy led’ startups, the CEO was caught waging a disinformation campaign against its detractors. How anyone can have anything to do with them?

My concern is that it will never take the place of well planned urban transit systems, and be seen as some sort of alternative. An alternative that - unlike an investment in urban rail - can disappear OVERNIGHT.

This so called service does nothing for the masses traveling (longer and longer) to work. It actually puts more cars on the streets, not less.