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UC Davis Spent $175,000 in an Attempt to Scrub This Story from the Internet


UC Davis Spent $175,000 in an Attempt to Scrub This Story from the Internet

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

University of California, Davis, officials spent $175,000 to "clean up" the school's online reputation after the November 2011 pepper-spraying of students resulted in a barrage of negative attention.

The Sacramento Bee reported the news on Wednesday, citing documents revealed in response to requests filed last month under the California Public Records Act.


I couldn't help notice the cops Nazi Germany soldier shaped helmets, their thuggish actions and attitudes tell of their deep aspirations for a Nazi like totalitarian military dictatorship where they will be in charge of our "security"? However I greatly doubt their ability to discipline themselves or their endurance in the face of any popular uprising, US cops are addicted to crap like coca cola and doughnuts, diseased and overweight, they will not be able to go hungry for even 1 hour.


UC Davis "cleaned-up their image" but were the pig cops fired and kept off campus? Were they charged with a crime? Were the victims compensated?

The people that generally are drawn to be cops should NOT be anywhere near a campus - or others generally. The examples of school brutality by cops as well as brutality and depravity toward minority kids generally are far too many! The "training" police get are lessons in "us vs them", force as the only response, and instant unquestioning servile obedience demanded on pain of assault! The essential moral being of far too many cops needs serious re-grooving! The BS defense for killing: "I felt my life was in danger" is a crock o shite - that's your freakin job, remember? To "protect and serve" doesn't mean psychopath aggression, shootings, or mindless stupidity! Pigs off campus!


One can only HOPE!


I don't think I could ever forget the image of that cop pepper spraying those college kids. I remember thinking what a violation of trust it was for the University to treat people's kids the way it did. I mean, it was a college campus and one expects peaceful protests on campuses everywhere. Parents and kids pay a lot of $$$ to go to school and parents trust that their kids are okay while on campus. What UCDavis did was shameful. I don't think they apologized enough. I also don't think it is possible to scrub this from the internet. A quick google search tells you everything you ever wanted to know about what happened.


First they sprayeth, then they payeth.


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Once a great system, the UC continuum has been ground by Republican sensibilities into an increasingly over-priced refuge for Republican scoundrels. If you're going to protect war criminals, you need defense against ordinary people.


Shame on my Alma Mater UC Davis ! It is now our obligation to Tweet, FB, post and disseminate this story far and wide --- #ScrubThisUCDavis !


$175,000 plus other frivolous spending...no wonder tuition costs so much !


UCDavis historically existed to support California agribusiness. Maybe the cops would have gotten better results with Roundup.


Sooner or later these protesters are going to invest in their own gas masks.
Then come the cx gas, pepper spray, and tasers.
Next will be bullet firing guns (maybe even full automatic assault weapons).
Instant civil war!
Will anybody ask the pertinent question: Cui bono? (who benefits?) from such unrest?
Probably not, because everybody will be too busy blaming the other side for having started the entire thing.