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Ugly and Unprepared, 'Knife Fight' Breaks Out in Trump Transition


Ugly and Unprepared, 'Knife Fight' Breaks Out in Trump Transition

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

While Republicans have been outwardly celebrating their victories, President-elect Donald Trump's transition to power is reportedly mired in chaos and infighting as competing factions duke it out to see whose version of "Make America Great Again" will dominate under the new world order.


The snakes are beginning to commit suicide. As is often the case with the depraved and people of no moral character or principles, they will over-reach and hang themselves.

If only a blood-letting within the Dem party can remove the Clinton-Obama sell-out wing of corporate/banker arrogance together with their sycophants, there just might be a way forward for progressive inclusive representation.......


That the Trump team got rid of neocon Eliot A. Cohen is a lucky break for us all.


Wait until the "Night of the Long Knives" happens.
* Hitler felt that some of his prerogatives were being encroached upon by the SA.
* The next morning, the SA had new leadership and the SA all became good little, obedient, Nazis.
* When I watched all those American citizens pumping their right fists into the air, screaming "USA! USA! USA!" it occurred to me that that is the Fourth Reich's version of "Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!"
* And so it begins again...


Unless he is replaced by operatives from Bannon's Kult-right Krowd.


And all of this could not happen to a more deserving group of clowns.


You mean to be replaced by even worse right wing jerks? How is that exactly a lucky break?


Do you not understand YET that the MSM serves both wings of the oligarchy?


You are WAY off base, munkey. You and your like-minded pals persist in saying DT won the election without any support; and how much did DT charge the RNC for rental of two floors of Trump Tower during the campaign (triple the going rate, by the way)? Citizens United effectively covered up the source of political campaign contributions so NO ONE knows where it comes from...wonder how much the Russian mafia contributed to DT's campaign if not in cash, in kind.

Speaking of people protesting DT's coronation being "bussed in," how many T followers (and thugs) were paid to attend his hate-filled rants? Who threatened to unleash mobs "terrorizing the streets" were he not to be anointed emperor?

You, who appear to have thrown your vote to the devil, will pay just as dearly for your actions sooner than later, just wait. The worst of the worst will cannibalize our nation and the world to sate their insatiable greed and avarice.

You sleep with mongrels and you will wake up with all manner of vermin. Or find that one of your limbs has been chewed off.


Knife fight be damned...AR15's will be brought out when you have a megalomaniacal Irish Catholic (Bannon) butting heads with an elitist privileged billionaire Orthodox Jew (Kushner) both seeking to hold the emperor's ear. And DT, the sociopathic narcissist he is will regale in the fact that such "powerful" Satyrs (from the nether regions) are fighting over him.

Homer never faced such demons in his Odyssey.


Trump is in over his head, who would have thought?


DT's former mentor, Roy M Cohn (Joseph McCarthy's sidekick staffer), died of AIDS in 1986. But his evil spirit lives on in the current DT atty cut from the same litigious cloth, Michael Cohen only MC is slicker than Roy was.


The scuttlebutt around the DC judicial folks is the announcement of Ted Cruz for the Supreme Court. I wish I were making this up but all the bets are one this one right now...


"... a code of ethics ..." ...

... funny, funny stuff ...

... seriously, you couldn't write this kinda crap for TV or movies ...

... funny, funny stuff ...


Yeah, lets all just get in line and obey. Sound about right?


Right now we need to stay calm above all and everything else.

It's grassroots time. Bind with Bernie Sanders, and Keith Ellison, two level-headed progressives.

If things get bad, President Obama may declare Martial Law. He signed a bill on Dec. 19, 2015
that few people know about...because he was expecting trouble around election and transitioning.

Let the Republicans fight, but let's keep cool. Stay away from the fray. We still have a Dem.
President, whether you like him or not, but he's not Donald Trump.

We have to be the calm ones, because Russia is watching .. and Putin is no fool.

When there is division and infighting in a Country that's when we get attacked.. so please
cool it, be aware, and let's stick together. STRENGTH AND PEACE.


If you think it's great now, wait until he takes office and makes it even greater.
As they say, the people get the government they deserve.


Well the people deserve better. Not just the people here in the U.S. but the people in other countries that too will be affected.


Should have done what Obama did and just let Citigroup's CEO decide on the cabinet.


Grow up.