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Ugly Campaign Gets Uglier as Sexual Assault Allegations Pile Up Against Trump


Ugly Campaign Gets Uglier as Sexual Assault Allegations Pile Up Against Trump

Nika Knight, staff writer

An already ugly election year grew increasingly disturbing as a slew of new sexual assault allegations against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump emerged Wednesday.


Seriously? We've got Obama and Clinton rampaging through the Middle East, violating US and international law by bombing sovereign nations, threatening a war with Russia -- and you really think Trump's sex life is worth the newsprint? This country needs to get its priorities straight before the Democrats blow up the whole damn world.


The state of the campaign.
As we all know the oligarchy long ago chose Hillary to be our next president. They would have settled for Jeb Bush, but after he spent $150 million dollars of their money to get 3% of the primary vote they settled on Hillary.

The oligarchy has always believed that Trump, A) couldn't win the primary and, B) was a lunatic. But, Trump did win so the oligarchy has instructed their corporate media to slice him into little, bitty pieces and push the Libertarian ticket of Johnson/Weld. The oligarchy is using the Libertarian Party to minimize the Trump vote.

Jill Stein is being ignored, by everybody, because the oligarchy knows that she cuts into Hillary's total vote. Those who vote for Jill Stein will prevent a mandate for Hillary. A mandate that Hillary will use to bludgeon the Left and run roughshod over the 99%.


Where do the Corleones fit into this story?


No. Obama and Clinton are not "rampaging through the middle east". Just no. Who is deliberately bombing civilians in Alleppo right now? That is what is best described as a "rampage".

Yes, Trumps violent misogyny (not "sex life") belies a psychopathic personality disorder and the consequences of such a person holding the reign of state power is very frightening. I know, I have a brother who is a violent psychopath who I avoid at all costs. Wait until you see Trump's rampages.


You have a rich imagination.


Trump lie on the debate stage? Well that is news. PolitiFact will have have a field day with this. Isn't this the candidate who doesn't sound like a politician and says what he means? I wonder what his supporters will do it they believe he told a lie during the debate? .


But Trump will be an more easily-confronted adversary of the left than Hillary will be, right? Wait until you see what will happen to the Standing Rock Sioux on January 20 once Trump swears in.


Having watched the blow by blow of the first lesser of two evils election in 1964, let me assure you that with the onslaught of sensational daily Trump revelations that will continue beyond election day, he started a trajectory (downward spiral) that he cannot alter and will result in an electoral landslide for Clinton not seen since 1964. Any dirt Trump sends out about Clinton will not match the sensational revelations, and if they did, the media would give them the same treatment they have given Sanders and Stein. You can't crash-land a helicopter and Trump cannot crash-land his campaign...it is going down in flames.

The vitriol that continues to be inflicted by the Clinton campaign and Clinton supporters on progressives has been successful in making many progressives feel guilty of enabling Trump. Many of these progressives are becoming members of the coalition of the coerced, voting for Clinton to allegedly stop Trump. When Clinton takes the throne and we see her destroy the progressive agenda and do most of the things Trump has been projected to do., many of the coerced will be feeling even more guilty for having voted for Clinton.

Now that Trump can not possibly win, it is time for the coerced to think about how they will feel and fare if they vote for Clinton, break free from being coerced and vote for the candidate who best represents their values.


But Hillary is the "devil," as Trump said in the debate. All true progressives agree.


As we all learned yesterday the US backed rebels (opposition forces) are killing civilians in Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria.
Obama has 10,000 American troops in Afghanistan who are killing all of the wrong people. Just yesterday the Islamic State in Afghanistan (a Sunni group) blew up a Shi'ite mosque killing 17 worshipers. Watch for a civil war to break out any day in Afghanistan.
The Libyan general that the CIA hand picked to retake that country from the "bad guys" has turned against the US and now controls most of the oil fields in western Libya.
Yemen is becoming a basket case.
Obama has 6000 troops in Iraq "helping" the Iraqi forces to retake their country from ISIS.

Yeah, Obama-Hillary are pretty much rampaging through the middle east.


You also have a rich imagination.


Hillary will not have a landslide if Progressives vote for Jill Stein.


@Yunzer is correct. This is not about a sex life. It's about objectification of women, and a presumption that every one of us is available for him to use in any way he chooses. It is about rape culture, and it ruins lives. This man is a clear and present danger to every woman he comes near.


Take your pick...womanizer Bill Clinton in the White House for the next four years or womanizer Trump in the White House for the next four years. Anybody voting for either will have blood on their hands.

Vote for the candidate who shares your values if you want to avoid having blood on your hands.


Bill isn't a certifiable mental patient whereas Trump is.
Vote for Jill.


Trump and Bill Clinton are both great actors who appeal to different audiences.

When it comes to issues of consequence they are equally dangerous to the 99% and most living things.

Stein is a policy wonk not a very good actor...precisely what the 99% need.


Hey Donald, here's how you deal with allegations of sexual misconduct, from someone with a lot of experience in it:


Actually not so much.
They both get the white, low-education, low-wage voter.


Who is this monolithic, all-powerful "the oligarchy"? Who transmits their unified "instructions" to the equally monolithic media?

This article is about oligarchy only in that DJT considers himself a member of it, and by that membership empowered to use every woman he sees in whatever way he chooses.