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Uh No, Say Legal Experts, Trump Tower Meeting Was Not "Totally Legal"


Uh No, Say Legal Experts, Trump Tower Meeting Was Not "Totally Legal"

Jon Queally, staff writer

A day after President Donald Trump declared via tweet—one that could prove potentially devastating to his claims of innocence—that a 2016 meeting in Trump Tower between his eldest son Donald Trump Jr., other high-level members of his campaign, and Russians claiming to have dirt on Hillary Clinton was "totally legal," actual law experts on Monday are making the rounds to argue that this is fanciful thinking coming from the president.


The Trump crew is lying so much, about so much, they’ll get so confounded with so many lies from so many people about so many things, when something finally does bite someone’s ass, they’ll think it’s a display of affection.


Grab all their monies and exile them to wherever. They are not Americans! I do not want to support them while they are in jail. Head 'em up and ship 'em out!


Forgive the visual, but does 45 satisfy himself to the tape in his head of saying “You’re Fired” to Robert Mueller on national TV using his right or left hand? “Enquiring minds like mine want to know.”

I remember when one could simply depend upon good clean bathroom graffiti such as:

“Why change dicks in the middle of a screw?
Vote Nixon, '72!”


If it is illegal to solicit political contributions from foreign nationals, you people may want to take a look at a little organization called AIPAC.


What has Drump really fearful is that we will find out what the Russians were willing to do and what Drump agreed to. Drump knows at least three people who have agreed or will agree to testify know Drump’s people discussed the Clinton emails and the various hacks. This stuff had to be coordinated. Drump is in a lot of trouble.

It wouldn’t surprise me that indictment come out before the election.


First of all, did someone at that meeting admit to “soliciting” for campaign contributions from foreign countries, and/or accepting any, OR is that just being alleged? Trump was not at that meeting, so how can he be guilty of anything the others might have done, but didn’t? And there still is no evidence that he colluded with the Russians in any way!

And do you really want to go down that rabbit hole, knowing that Hillary Clinton not only solicited, but ACCEPTED an accumulation of millions of dollars in total from every country in the Middle East that she sold our guns to, that killed OUR soldiers, in order to perpetuate the ongoing wars in the Middle East! Not to mention the $150,000,000.00 SHE was paid by the Russians for the 20% of our uranium she arranged to sell to them! And of course there is the 12 million she paid to have a phony dossier prepared against President Trump, which was then used by the DOJ to illegally get a subpeona from the FISA court to spy on him for a year! And those are just a few of the many, many crimes that she has committed in order to attain wealth, power and control.

Whether we like him or we don’t, he is saving this country from any other crimes she would have committed as president, and I believe there would have been plenty more! She allowed too much confidential information to be leaked to foreign countries through her private server that caused the deaths of some of our foreign agents overseas! She is an evil, greedy, corrupt, liar and cheat, who consistently broke her oath of office, and therefore is not and never was worthy of any position in our government! Plus, she still has security clearance so who knows how many other government secrets she has shared in the past few years?

She blamed her election loss on everyone and everything but herself, which is where it truly belongs! I believe it was her punishment for cheating Bernie Sanders of the nomination with massive election fraud, along with help from DNC bad actors across the country. Not to mention what she stole from all his followers! Our right to vote for and elect who we want, and our donations sent to the DNC for Bernie’s campaign, that were purposely forwarded to her campaign office in NYC instead! And, lastly, apparently, she still hasn’t learned that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!


This is embarrassing to read. Wow.


AIPAC does contribute to electoral,campaigns or endorse candidates. It is fair to say it’s influence is more pervasive than many that do contribute.


No, the visual is not forgiven.


She didn’t sell the russian anything. 1st, no uranium was sold to the russians at all. They bought shares in a canadian uranium mining co. A deal that was ok’d by numerous agencies, inc. congress (with republicans in charge.). Further all the uranium mined is sold to american nuclear power plants.

I really get tired of all this hate towards Hillary. I am not a fan of hers, but this irrational hate is way out of line. No wonder people believe that she operates a child sex slave ring out of a pizza shop.


One of us has been sucking up fake news, again. I heard that she was operating a PIZZA ring in a CHILD SEX SHOP.


Trump just admitted that. They went to the meeting get dirt on Hillary – a thing of value, hence a “contribution.”

He lied about it later, so he is an accomplish after the fact, at least.

The evidence is abundant and supplied by Trump himself – see above.

You offer no evidence to support these assertions.

It would only be phony if concocted out of whole cloth. The truth is that there is much in the dossier that appears to be true. At any rate, until Mueller releases his final report and/or charges everyone for their crimes, we won’t know what he’s discovered. You’re way ahead of yourself to make these conclusory assertions.

Once again, no evidence offered here.

I can only agree with your last assertion there.


LOL here.


“The open questions are now far more narrow: Was this a case of successful or only attempted collusion?”

Actually that is one question that is NOT open. The primary crime is to commit fraud against the US government by interfering in the election. Various Russian entities have been indicted for this. The secondary crime is conspiracy to defraud the US government. Conspiracy to commit X does not require that X be committed. If I plan to rob a bank and hire a driver, now I am in a conspiracy with the drive to commit a theft. We are guilty of conspiracy even if we get arrested before we enter the bank.




Just to add quickly, nearly everything we know about the Trump Tower meeting is from the Trump side. The idea that nothing came of the meeting—adoption discussions so-to-speak—is the press reiterating what Trump’s representatives say about it and, frankly, sloppy work by cable news punditry. I am just going to quote Matthew Yglesias on the issue:


So moderate, so forbearing. Do you work with mentally ill?


Yeah, i would not really shake that tree too much. That fake Russia connection to Trump dossier was funded by the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

Plus, as far i can can read everywhere that Trump Tower mtg was initiated by the Russian side claiming to have info on the dems, nobody on the US side “solicited” it. Apparently that claim was a lie anyway and the Trump campaign ended up with nothing. Now if stupidity was a felony i can see how they could be charged.


I know I’m wasting my time addressing this to you but I gotta get it off my chest. I’m no Clinton fan, BUT:

  1. If Clinton had been elected and did even 1/10th of what Trump has done so far, I’d be on her hindparts as well. But she is not the one setting herself up as ruler of all she surveys, acting as a bull in our government’s china shop. Trump is.
  2. Both sides have their fingerprints on that dossier, The Washington Free Beacon, conservative website (reportedly funded by Rubio supporter), hired Fusion GPS (based in Washington, DC not Moscow) to unearth the dirt on the Trump/Russian connection. When it became clear Trump would clinch the nomination, they were told to stop. Then the firm was hired by the Clinton campaign and DNC by their law firm Perkins Coie. Arguably enough ethics issues to go around.
  3. Clinton was one of NINE cabinet members required to approve/disapprove the sale as members of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) and the Secretary of the Treasury is chair. The amount is closer to 10 per cent.
  4. Barely 4.5 months in office, Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russion foreign minister and ambassador in a phone call
  5. Days later Trump and Saudi’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud signed a series of letters of intent for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to purchase arms from the United States totaling US$110 billion, the first of many such deals with foreign governments for either arms, hotels or both
  6. Gotta remember to send Trump a thank you note for saving us from Clinton’s would be crimes by looting our treasury, alienating our allies while cozying up to strongmen and dictators, removing regulations designed to protect workers, consumers, our environment, (sigh…the list is too long) and just making me even more afraid to be a black woman in America. Truly a unique approach.

Bottom line, the article is entitled "Uh, No, Say Legal Experts, Trump Tower Meeting Was Not “Totally Legal” not “Hillary would have been SO much worse”.
There are any number of legal explanations spelling out the problem with the Trump meeting.

I not only miss Shirley Chisholm, I miss Barbara Jordan. The other day I happened across her speech to the House Judiciary Committee in which she, oh so eloquently, outlined the case against Nixon:

“…Beginning shortly after the Watergate break-in and continuing to the present time, the President has engaged in a series of public statements and actions designed to thwart the lawful investigation by government prosecutors. Moreover, the President has made public announcements and assertions bearing on the Watergate case which the evidence will show he knew to be false…”

Substitute “Trump Tower” meeting for “Watergate break-in/case”.