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Uh No, Say Legal Experts, Trump Tower Meeting Was Not "Totally Legal"


You are wrong, the truth is very important to me, and I believe I am being truthful! Too bad you apparently don’t feel the same.


Then don’t read it. I’m not embarrassed that I wrote it! There are too many people on this page that apparently don’t like or want to hear the truth, which I find very disappointing and frightening!


You keep believing whatever you want, and I’ll keep disclosing what I think is important for the public to know, whether they want to believe it or not is their choice.


I think you meant “truth”—forgot the quotes.


I didn’t forget anything.


Sorry, it seemed like it.


Sure mate , the truth about Clinton in Trump story. Makes total sense


The hearings were not about Trump. They were about the cover up of Clinton crimes by various U.S. government agencies! Time to wake up people!


The article is about Trump colluding with Russia but you keep hearing Clinton, right .


Never let it be said I can’t apologize when I am wrong. I had no idea my name was revealed to you in the email sent to you notifying you of my reply. As for the rest we just have to agree to disagree.


Thank you for saying that. I guess you must have received the copy I forwarded to you. For the record, I was being completely honest with you about not knowing how to do any of the things you thought I had done. I only know how to send replies, otherwise, I am technically illiterate! lol