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UI Claims Remain Historically High and the President’s Executive Memorandum Is Doing More Harm Than Good

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/27/ui-claims-remain-historically-high-and-presidents-executive-memorandum-doing-more

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So tired of winning!

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I just don’t understand why we can’t just flush all these turds down the toilet.

Their shit is stinking up the entire planet.

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There’s just so much turds that the toilet is clogged and the septic tank is overflowing.


28.8 divided by 170 million available workers = 17% true unemployment rate.
Great depression #1 during the 1930’s was 25% BUT many guys worked schedule of one day per week. Counted as employed back then. Potatoes every meal.

28.8 + 5.2 more possible= 34 millions of Americans needing a responsible job.

34 divided by 170 million available workers = 20% potential unemployment rate

I think Mark Meadows, trumps chief of staff and former house heritage caucus member, sabbatooged any more extra federal dollars to unemployed. He may have said, ‘let them eat potatoes’. But I am not close enough to confirm that new rumor.

If democrats squeek Biden in and gain the senate, we may see a few more trillion borrowed by federal treasury that permits Federal Reserve to create another $9 for every $1 congress earmarks for them.

Finally, AMTRAK can get goin with inter city with medium size towns having a daily stop each way.

When is the media going call out republicans and the true leader who is pushing race wars----Rupert Murdoch