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UK Dismantles Democracy to Double Down on Fracked Gas


UK Dismantles Democracy to Double Down on Fracked Gas

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Ignoring massive local opposition, as well as grave threats to community and climate, the British government on Thursday overruled a local ban to greenlight a controversial fracking project in northern England.


I hope this will be the petard that hoists the Tory government and brings in Corbyn to lead the UK.


It would appear that Hillary's sales job on fracking was a complete success in the UK.
Not with the people, but with the politicians who will shortly be holding their heads in their hands once the citizens remove them.


A bit of light on the horizon


T> he Scottish government has said it "cannot support" underground coal gasification, after a new report raised environmental concerns.

Energy minister Paul Wheelhouse told MSPs that the gas extraction technique "poses numerous and serious environmental risks".
He said it would have "no place in Scotland's energy mix at this time".


When TPP and other regulatory capture disguised as "trade deals" become law, corporate tribunals will sue governments for attempting to regulate fracking, thereby forcing governments to eliminate all laws related to fracking. Clinton, Trump and other politicians will not even be in the loop so they can say they are blameless.