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UK Ditches Saudi Prison Deal After Human Rights Outcry


UK Ditches Saudi Prison Deal After Human Rights Outcry

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

British Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday canceled a £5.9m deal for the Ministry of Justice to provide prison services to Saudi Arabia, following growing political pressure and international outcry at the Gulf state's human rights abuses.


In addition to the facts about Saudi repression at home, our own collusion with them on arms deals, foreign policy and Syria, and bombing and killing civilians in Yemen, causing great suffering amidst an already terrorized, hungry population: check out the story from The Center for Investigative Reporting and Public Radio International about the Saudis' purchase of huge swaths (10s of thousands of acres) in Arizona, There, in the drought-stricken desert that gets on average 5 inches each year of rain, they are growing multiple per year crops of hay. They are drawing 10,000 gallons each hour of water up from the deep ancient aquifer, with their pumps, and the hay gets shipped to boats that carry it to--the Saudi dairy industry. Why? Because they have so depleted their own aquifer that they are doing this to Arizona, they have the money to do it, and there are no present laws in AZ to stop them. Mother earth needs an earth justice system, and a lawyer...


"The UK government remains a major supplier of weapons to the Gulf monarchy via government-to-government contracts
in which UK Ministry of Defense civil servants work in Saudi Arabia and are paid by the Saudi government to secure contracts"

The Saudis pay us to organise selling them weapons. Damn, but we ARE good at Empire.


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