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UK Government Preparing for Anti-Trump Protests as "If London Was Burning Down"


UK Government Preparing for Anti-Trump Protests as "If London Was Burning Down"

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May's "embarrassing sham of a government" continued its slow-motion collapse on Monday with the resignation of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, British authorities scrambled to prepare for "unprecedented" protests against U.S.


While Trump tries to stamp out democracy the protests against him are breathing life into democracy. There are contrasting trends going on, one toward autocratic rule and other toward people participating more in the democratic process. All hands on board are really needed in this battle against the forces of white nationalism. Demagogues here and in Europe have really taken advantage of the backlash against immigrants. Politicians are needed to unite countries but these demagogues are interested in dividing countries to gain power. Russia has also been playing a role in sowing division in the US and Europe as Putin sees this as a zero sum game with Russia gaining as much power as the US and Europe loses.


When will the masses of Americans do similar protests against Trump, demanding impeachment or resignation?
Our populace is asleep in a capitalist consumerist trance.
Watch the movie They Live and see it illustrated quite well.


Thank you. Now, consider collective and unified, total, non cooperation. Shut the machine down!


Don’t burn London, burn the Devil that’s coming there.

Give him a real “Joan of Arc” greeting.


Sure, there are a few Brits who like Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan Chump trump.; But the English hate anyone who reminds them of Hitler, like The Mango Mussolini Chump trump.


A report was released by the OECD on wage stagnation in developed countries, which was covered on this site and which is not unique to the US. It is a fact that most, if not all, developed countries have moved to the right in recent decades on economic policies, and those policies have been an utter disaster. The status quo in this country, and elsewhere, has simply failed most people, they offer no solutions to any problems societies are facing, the left in most developed countries has been beaten and is only now starting to re-immerge, and the status quo is almost universally corrupt. THAT is what is feeding the far right. Immigration isn’t anything new, what is happening is that fascists are using vulnerable populations as a scapegoat for the failures of increasingly right wing policies, and the actual left has been in retreat for some time. The thing is, even though the countries in the EU have a more expansive welfare state and have national healthcare systems (their left wing long ago won things our left wing is only starting to get in a position to do, and we have a long way to go), they are also barred from doing the very things that are needed to recover because of the structure of the EU and the EMU, and its policies in regards to monetary and fiscal matters. The structure of the EMU essentially guaranteed austerity once a financial crisis emerged and there is no way to re-distribute the huge surpluses the core countries (Germany in particular) have accumulated to those on the periphery (Greece, Spain, etc.). We have that. States that have big surpluses (California, New York, etc.) pay far more in taxes than we collectively get from the federal government, and the opposite is true of poor states like Mississippi. The EMU doesn’t have that, and so there is crushing poverty and endless struggle for working people there in many countries, stagnation for a good portion of the rest, and a total prioritization of financial capital since the crash. The left has been beaten back and doesn’t have the power there now that it did half a century ago, and the “centrists” have no ideas (sounds familiar). So, who is there to do something right now? The far right. They blame vulnerable populations, they divert attention away from the rich, and they are willing to throw a monkey wrench into the system, which those in power don’t want but would prefer to the left re-emerging and putting in place long overdue structural changes.

I won’t link arms with the interests that are almost entirely responsible for us being in this position, and for creating a context where fascism could grow. We don’t want the same things, we want structural changes while you don’t. If you win in the coming elections in 2018, you might have some political victories, but things will continue to get worse. The context that produced Trump will not only be radically changed, it will make people feel even angrier and want even more to see the system as is blown up. Most will simply not vote if their options are what you prefer or the Republicans. Some will vote to blow up the system, and some will vote (like you) to keep the system as is or will vote defensively, realizing the situation for what it is but hoping to fend off disaster for a little bit longer. The actual left is simply not strong enough to take power at this point, and its progress will likely be gradual. Whether we have enough time left, given the environmental crisis (which global warming is just one part) is another question.


Hopefully the Brits will do what we refuse to do… Make sure he disappears…


Dont coubt on American masses to do very much. Cardboard signs is the most they will do. What a pathetic joke.


Off with his head!


Cant blame them. We hate him here too. The similarities of Agent Orange and Adolpf are quire apparent…


To make your very well written long story short, European culture is much older than ours. By the time the Left is strong enough to have any say in our policies, we will be long gone. Look how far the Right has come since Trump took office. Our country is coming apart at the seems between us and his Cult followers. Unless something drastic is done, we sure will be.


This is exactly what I try to convey to family and friends during our endless LOTE conversations. Each time I have to stipulate Hillary would have been better than Trump - mainly re the supreme court and the environment. I also have to point out that it wasn’t Hillary who first turned me against the dems. It was 8 years of Obama that did the trick.

I clearly recall how thrilled I was when he won his first term. I actually believed Obama would slowly shut down our occupation in the ME and redirect resources here. I thought single payer had a chance - public option at worst. Unions would rebound and the financial sector, finally, held accountable for its fraud and theft. Yeah, that’s how naive I was. Didn’t take long to wake up, though. As his wretched cabinet and adviser appointments leaked out like an ill-fitting Depends, so did the shitty truth.

The point is, yes the democratic party is better than the R’s. But when it comes to addressing the issues which are important - NON NEGOTIABLE - to me, there is no essential difference. My focus is on dismantling empire, economic fairness and single payer. Not only have democrats failed on all counts, you can make the case they’ve made each worse. The only way out for me is to vote progressive third parties. Futile for now, I admit. But you must start somewhere. Back in the 70’s the moral majority was a non factor outside of small town America and the deep south. But through committed organizing at the local level in school boards, county commissioner races, etc. and working their way up, the Christian right evolved into a potent political force.

The Schumer’s and Pelosi’s of the world guarantee more of the same government we’ve been living with since Reagan. I’m tired of being told to work within the democratic party to shape policy. As long as they’re funded by corporate money and riding the status quo, nothing of substance will change.


“Donald Trump likes to pose as an international tough guy, but it looks like he’s too scared to face protesters in London.”

Because conservatives are chickenhawks with heel spurs:



Lrx and others deny that the left in the US is growing (I think that their paychecks depend on saying this and trying to stop the growth of the left). They argue that the left can win in some places, but mostly it cannot. They deny that people are very unhappy with establishment politicians that want to keep the system as is, with very little changes. They either deny or minimize the impact that corruption has in the system or the Democratic Party. It is all absurd, for many reasons. However, the left in the US was never as strong as it was in other developed countries, and you can see it in how much more humane and equitable those countries are relative to us in a number of ways. I think the US public is starting to see this now too, thanks in part to the things that people like Sanders started to focus on and articulate. You don’t see 40,000 people dying from a lack of care in the NHS systems in the UK, like you see in the US. The left has actual solutions, and it is growing, the public agrees with the left on almost every major issue (although for non-ideological reasons in many instances), but the left has to do stuff here that the left in other developed countries did decades, if not a century, ago. However, its growth will be gradual, unless a revolution happens. Maybe the next financial crisis, which is inevitable and will be even bigger than the last, will quicken up the radicalization and speed up the growth of the left. I would imagine it would, crisis and bad responses to crisis illustrates how broken the system is. Democratic socialists weren’t growing like they are now back in 2007 and 2008. Will there be enough time, given the environmental crisis? Who knows, but Lrx and all that he defends here daily, are speeding up the environmental crisis with their policies. Those policies are better than the right wing alternative, they at least do 1.3% of what is needed (which is then far more than negated by policies elsewhere) but nowhere near enough, and things are getting exponentially worse. But getting back to what we were saying, the growth of the far right is happening because of the failure of the establishment in this and other countries, the fact that these countries have in fact all moved to the right on economic policies, the left is often too weak to take power and is only now starting to recover and grow again, and in the instances where it does in the EU (Podemos in Spain, Syriza in Greece), it is barred from radically changing anything because of how the system has been constructed. The whole thing isn’t sustainable. I have been saying for years now that the collapse of the EU is inevitable, unless structural changes are put in place, and it is even more obvious now than when I started saying it. And it is irrational to think that you can fight the far right if you are opposed to radically changing the policies that created the context that the far right is emerging from. The next Trump won’t be as incompetent, and that should frighten people.


I’m happy that the British people are showing their so called “leaders” that bowing and scraping to a fascist president of an unholy nation will not be accepted or countenanced! The US is going to Hell and other nations that don’t want to follow it had better back off and do it now!


100% correct!


My worry is that Trump is not only without restraint, but is unable to connect the dots on a most basic level.
Meaning he may very well try and force the UK government to violently put down the protests, which could be disastrous for the UK, regardless of whether or not they comply.
As much as the potential backlash would be welcomed, this is (as usual) America’s mess, and it is the duty of America’s citizenry to deal with this psychopath.


A friend of mine has a British relative who has a red hat that says:
“Make America Great Briton Again”


I have no doubt that the moron will return home and proclaim that the British people showed up by the thousands to cheer him on. He has absolutely zero clue as to what is going on around him.