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UK Govt Says Taxpayers Can Foot Excess Bill for Waste Storage at New Nuke Plant


UK Govt Says Taxpayers Can Foot Excess Bill for Waste Storage at New Nuke Plant

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The UK government agreed to limit what the operator and investors of the newly approved, controversial Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant would have to pay for radioactive waste storage, pushing the rest of onto taxpayers, government documents reveal.

The government approved the plant, which will be operated by state-controlled French energy firm, EDF, with financial backing from China, last month.


Even if Hinkley C were run by a UK firm, even if its costs were reasonable, this would still be a really stupid project.
Not all nuclear plants have run smoothly - e.g. the Windscale fire, the Chernobyl disaster, Three Mile Island, Fukushima, etc. They may be designed to work smoothly but even the best engineers and designers cannot anticipate all future problems.
In Britain the prevailing winds are from the west. Hinkley is in the far west of southern England. In case of a fire or other disaster, the pollution would inevitably spread over the Severn and Thames areas, covering major population areas such as Bristol and Reading, through to London. If the wind shifted a bit, cities like Oxford and Cambridge, Birmingham and Luton, or Southampton and Portsmouth, etc, could be affected.
Why don't these clever clogs just look at a map?!


The Chinese building and overseeing a nuclear power plant in the UK, against the will of most of the people around there and elsewhere. Is this an example of the UK 'taking back control of our own destiny' post Brexit? In the words of John Lydon 'ever been had.'


This article is nothing new as the nuclear industry has for decades been "backstopped" for unusual costs associated with accidents/ long-term waste disposal, by their local governments. Here is the U.S. it is called the Price-Anderson act. Without these provisions there would have been few or no nuclear power plants built