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UK Issues Travel Warnings Against 'Anti-Gay' US States


UK Issues Travel Warnings Against 'Anti-Gay' US States

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The UK this week issued travel advice to tourists that warns of the dangers of visiting "anti-gay" U.S. states like North Carolina and Mississippi, both of which recently passed discriminatory legislation.


Talk about putting the "great" back into Great Britain.

North Carolina's law would likely affect cross dressers who are not necessarily transgendered, just queer. Lesbians and gays have rightly attained more equality of late, but the transgendered and queer are still playing catch-up. It's important to add the "Q" to LGBT.


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Even Trump has expressed opposition to NC's bathroom law.
.. really!


Here it is, from The Guardian:
Trump: transgender people have right to choose bathroom – video


Right. You are addressing the bigger picture Oppression of LGBTQ, or disabled, or young, or elderly. Or homeless.... Is all related. Capitalism and empire require the oppression of certain people Then we vent our rage at each other instead of at the ruling class


People can boycott states with anti-LGBT laws, they can also boycott nations with those laws & nations that support terrorism e.g. the USA, UK, France, Japan & other nations that support terrorism.


You are wrong! Actually it's just the opposite. A transgender person born female who now looks like a man, with a beard, is required - required - to use a woman's bathroom. Will women appreciate this? I doubt it very much.


Right! We've already found that BDS works. Israel is squealing like a stuck pig and trying to get its bought governments and officials to get it outlawed in various countries.
* We the People of the World should BDS all of these warmongering, bigoted, wealth worshiping nations until they decide to renounce war, war profiteering, discrimination and cruelty against both humans and the environment, and ask to rejoin the human race and the community of nations.
* Make them prove it by their actions before they are accepted back. Nothing can change a billionaire's alleged mind quicker than a negative change in his/her bottom line.


Boycotting these outrageous acts and laws is a great idea. Boycotting Israel on the other hand, can get you fired or arrested or kicked out of school. See the hypocrisy there?
If the whole country would rise up and fight these bigoted laws we could get them gone. I agree with Trump it seemed to work ok before, don't fix it if it ain't broke. (I admit there may be problems I haven't heard of).
Actually I think a lot of Trumps rants are an act. (See article on Huff post)
Always have thought so. Now and then he let's it slip that he's not as conservative as the rest. (Used to be a Democrat)


No go zones for blacks in Germany on the OFFICIAL Government website??? I'm going to call BS on this one.
Please provide a link showing this on the German government website.


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This would be cute to see in Heathrow ,I am glad I am not from one of those ! The lines are big as is !


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Actually, the whole nation should get a travel advisory because of the debacle of its medical system.


Pathetic deflection. Prove your assertion. Oh that's right, you can't, because there is no official german policy regarding no go zones for blacks.


Did you hear about an Orthodox Jewish man stabbing at a gay rights parade in Israel? I don't remember how long ago it was.