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UK Killing by Police Underscores Depth of Crisis in US



As here in the US, there is an Israeli connection with UK police traveling to Israel for "training". Maybe this explains why there is an epidemic of police killings already in the US and a nascent trend in UK police. Israel has exported police tactics to both the US and UK, tactics they use in "dealing with" Palestinians. In a very real sense we are all Palestinians under the gun of repression and brutality - shoot first and ask questions later or never.....just excuse the killing as "he reached for (something)" cell phone, wallet, drivers license, keys, etc, "I was afraid for my life" or some other canned response to justify police murders.....

"The shoot to kill policy was undertaken under the auspices of “Operation Kratos” -. It was carried out by the London Metropolitan’s elite SO19 firearms unit - training of the S019 marksmen was patterned on that of Israel. They had been briefed “by officers who had been to Israel to meet their counterparts there and pick up tips gleaned from the experience of dealing with Hamas bombers”.

“During the Kratos briefings, the Met team were told that, contrary to their normal arms training, they should fire at the head rather than the chest. Although the chest is easier to hit, it is not as reliable in causing instant death, giving a bomber a chance to detonate his device…. “(The Scottish Daily Record, 23 July, 2005)."





How many days has it been between police killings in the UK? How many killings by American police are there on average per day, or days per killing?


There were 55 fatal police shootings in the last 24 YEARS in the UK vs 59 fatal police shootings in the first 24 DAYS in the US!


This explains a lot. Israel is fighting a long dragged out war against Palestine--so there is hardly any difference between police and soldiers in Israel--they have the misfortune to be fighting a war on their own territory. Neither United States nor United Kingdom has the misfortune to be fighting a war on its own territory. Police dealings with their own local civilian populations ought to much different than military dealings with enemy soldiers in a foreign land.